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Occurred : 3/10/2013 20:40 (Entered as : 3-10-2013 20:40)
Reported: 3/10/2013 3:35:14 PM 15:35
Posted: 5/15/2013
Location: Redondo Beach, CA
Shape: Disk
Duration:6-7 minutes
7-8 Craft resembling ballon's on fire seen cruising off Southern California coast.

Craft we're observed initially over the Pacific Ocean, in the south bay of Los Angeles at approximately 20:40 hour's, on March 10, 2013, for 7-10 minutes. 7 or 8 craft resembling balloon's on fire, moving north in loose trail formation, at approximately 300 knots. The craft we're observed thru "Fujinon" binocular's, and the observer is an experienced, and life-long identifier( amateur) of aircraft type's and configuration's, both military and civilian. One Craft in particular (the last one) was scrutinized closely, as it passed directly over head before heading North. "It was identical to the other's, and as I watched it through the binocular's the flame's sputtered and went out to reveal a silver or white disc/saucer, with four distinct bump's on it's underside. I watched it move North, and it was clearly visible with the naked eye, until it was out of sight." All Craft exhibited the same characteristic's: constant speed, identical visually, flame's seemed to sputter and go out, but not all at once, but lasted for the same duration. The weather at the time was very clear, 40-50 mile's visisbilty, and no cloud's. Craft we're at 2 mile's maximum from the coast, in loose trail formation, with about 1 mile seperation between craft. Craft appeared to be on fire, and when observed thru binocular's, it looked like lower 1/3 was on fire, and top 2/3 was billowy and white, like a balloon. "The color of the fire was dull orange, and when! I first saw it, I thought an airplane was on fire." All craft appeared to have very similar flight plan: they all appeared from the same location, they all went in the same direction, they seemed to be following each other. They we're first seen appearing from Palos Verdes , and heading North, right over/around the LAX flight corridor. Craft left no contrail's, or smoke.