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Occurred : 9/1/1994 11:00 (Entered as : 09/01/1994 11:00)
Reported: 6/3/2013 1:36:26 AM 01:36
Posted: 7/3/2013
Location: Grants Pass, OR
Shape: Changing
Duration:12 hours
Thought of as a Dream for 20 Years, Recent Information Convinced me that Iv been Abducted by Aliens.

It was APPROX September of 1994, I had just gotten off work and I got home and laid down in my bed, I was relaxing like I often did and I laid on my back, Just then I began to notice that I could see stars through the ceiling and the black of the space also became visible through the ceiling.

Just about then I looked down at my feet and realized I was outside floating just above the apex of the 2 story roof and just below my feet I could see the porch light. Just as I am thinking, "What the Hell!"

I see a shooting star that calms me and takes my mind off the reality of this all. As this star gazed across the sky it looked like a big rectangle reading glass with three smaller round reading glasses inside it. It had a tail and as it gazed across the light from the stars behind it would bend, following the contour of the reading glass they shined through. As it gazed all the way tot he other side of the sky it began to move down Toward me!! As it got close to me it flipped over and the very moment it flipped over I could not only see the color of the belly of the craft but it almost seemed like this paralyzing sound was coming from this belly. The belly of the craft was very Round Orange Orb like a great big Orange and around the equator of it had Several Bright Red Orbs much smaller forming a ring around it. It was so scary and it felt almost as if the Orange belly was where the sound was coming from.

This sound was very rapid and high Mid high pitch. It sounded almost like a flute like "Doodle, doodle, doodle, doodle, doodle!!" But the strange and scary thing about this sound was the absolute milli second that this craft aimed the belly of it at me, this sound hit me like a beam!! This sound beam his me, and grabbed me like, I can not explain but it paralyzed me and held me for the craft to get right over the top of me. As it hovered over me the sound pulled me into it. As I rose up into the belly of this craft I KNEW What ever was inside it I did not want to see. I did have the clarity to think that I did want to know what was next but I knew that It would be scary as hell so I called out for Jesus Christ. Now I did this out of Natural reflex because I was raised Christian at this time in my life I was very Anti-Christian and believed Jesus Christ was a total Lie so it was strange I called out to him. It was almost like using his name in Vane but in a way I was so scared I was asking for help too.

What happened was amazing, The moment I yelled, "Jesus Christ, Save me!", the craft Dissolved and I awoke in my bed Struggling very hard to gain control of my Body. I literally felt like I had Ropes tied to my Elbows and my Knees pulling me back to sleep and that I was struggling very hard to overcome it. My eyes where wide Open, I was wide Awake, But I literally felt Ropes tied to my elbows and Knees and eyelids Pulling me back to sleep and paralyzing my body back to sleep!!! I was able to over come it and Over the next few months I noticed a circular Scar on my left palm. Not a cut but a Scar much like a Burn. It scared hell out of me because you know it made my Palm look like a pentagram. So were talking a circle about the size of a coffee cup. It was very strange because I never had a cut, It looked like I had put my palm on a pipe end and twisted it, However like I said it never looked like a cut, If anything it would have been a Burn. In fact you know if you Heat up a Pipe end and put it to my palm when it is red hot, it would burn a mark on my palm putting a circle around my palm print making it look like a pentagram. The scar lasted about a few years and then vanished. I went on and on in my mind to recall ever burning a scar into my palm and it just did not happen!!

So about 6 months after this event I was watching a Documentary on TV and a guy came up with an explanation for Alien Abduction he proposes that they are a result of sleep paralysis. He says the Body falls asleep and the mind stays awake paralyzing the body completely. This is so the body will not act out dreams!! What really strike me was the renaissance paintings he showed of the Incubis they where little deamonds that would terrorise people in the night. The Paintings from the renaissance paintings these little demonds where depicted holding onto Ropes which where tied to the Elbows and knees of the humans and these demonds would have a foot braced against the body pulling on these ropes.

This freaking Shocked me that for hundreds of years other people felt the same exact thing like ropes tied to them pulling them asleep. I was convinced this was merely a dream!! Till about twenty years later in 2012 I was watching the Debunking of David Icke and the guy talks of a experiment that took place involving over 400 test subjects they used some root from brazil which is a drug similar to LSD. This drug was known to give similar effects and the test subjects experienced similar effects to the classic abduction. Later this disturbed many of the subjects they needed psychological help over the next few months they tried many things and stumbled onto one that worked. One called out the name, "Jesus Christ!" By mistake or nature and they vanished instantly!! He reported this and they started to perform tests. They told one guy to call out to Christ, told another to call out to Buddha and so on. But the ONLY one that causes the entities to vanish is the name Christ!! In the end they end up telling everyone to use the name Christ and eve for "Non believers" the moment they say the word Christ the bad guys Vanish!! This blew my mind because though I was not on drugs I had the exact same experience, Long before this research group and never having known about this research group. To find that they even tried the names of other gods and only Christ worked was amazing!! Then something else really started to make me wonder if this happened or if it was a dream. My situation was that it felt like an out of body experience or a dream. But I do not recall every going to sleep, the moment I realized I was looking at stars a situation with a UFO which I assumed is a dream took only a minute or two and then I woke up some 12 hours later. So in that I have experienced missing time, And sure enough I have a very strange mark on my hand as well. Now come to find out I have common grounds with this test subject that took place..

Then another situation really startled the hell out of me. A story I heard back in 1994 just after it happened and it was quite amazing but at the time I did not believe in UFOs so I assumed it was a Hoax. But it was a case in South Africa where 62 Grade school kids saw two Silver Flying saucers during recess. They also saw beings that spoke to them with ESP and delivered a Message..

Well, I had not seen that since 1994 since I was a teen ager and I had forgotten it and in my mind had written it off as a hoax. However with a fresh mind I had stumbled onto the report again on youtube, But now with all the UFOlogy and Ancient Cultural and pyramid technology research under my belt I can listen to each detail with a keen ear!! Right away I noticed this was an Amazing situation and could not possibly be a Hoax. This Child Psychologist interviews these school kids and he knows what he is doing, He is very careful NOT to lead them in his line of questioning. I loved the brilliant way he questioned them because It left a lot of credibility with me.

For example he could have explained to the kids what ESP was and ask them if the Aliens talked to them with ESP. But he did something that resulted in some solid data reporting because what he did was be so careful NOT to lead at all and allow the children to do the best job they can at explaining there Experience.

He asked exactly how the man talked to them and the one kid said "He said it to me with his Eyes" WOW..

Anyway so realizing this was a very REAL Event. It came to a girl that really frightened me with the reality in her eyes. You can see the pure fear in her eyes and you KNOW this was real.

But this girl says something that is really related to my experience. Consider this,, She is asked, "What is the most scary part of your experience?", and she says, "Sound that came from the craft, sounded like a Flute." Now this girl sees two flying saucers with Freaking Aliens come out to abduct them and the most scary thing is the sound of a flute? Well, the most scary part of My experience was the sound that came from the craft, sounded like a flute!! Why? Because that sound grabbed me and paralyzed me.

Now the other strange Part. The 62 school children Saw this experience in September of 1994!! So in September of 1994 BOTH my self and this girl from Africa see a UFO rather dream or real, we both see the similar experience! Both my self and this girl Agree the most frightening part of the UFO Experience was "The sound like a flute coming from the craft." The event changed my life. Because I went almost 20 years thinking it was just a dream but about 2 years ago when I saw this Debunking of David Ike and saw that others had screamed Christ to have these vanish, and when I realized the similarities that my experience has with the girl in South Africa. And then I realize it was the Same Month and Year as My experience..

At which point it was hard to believe that it was not somewhat of a real experience.. So my recent travels to Yucatan travels I got really into researching UFOlogy, I learned to read Ancient Mayan Hieroglyphs, I am pretty much the third degree on Ruins on Mars, I talk with Wayne Herstel regularly. I've reviewed all of Richard Hoagland's work. I'm more than convinced that Humans have a very long history on Mars long before Earth.

And I believe this somewhat inspired me. But it did not inspire me till after I learned about the other event in Africa with the 62 school children and the Debunking of David Ike. That blew my mind and changed my life.

Today I realize that I have a history of out of body experience style dreams, dating back to when I was a very young child so it is very hard for me to feel like it was not a dream, because it had that dream feeling.

But I cant help but think of the Facts and NOW That I have gotten so deeply Involved in the current study of Ufology. I have come to realize the most current information is these Aliens are interdimensional beings and that is yet another amazing coincidence is that might possibly explain why the DREAM Abductions perhaps they are Abductions occuring to your soul!! Or perhaps it was Real, I mean I did experience 12 Hours in about 4 Minutes and I did wake up with Scar on my hand that lasted few years, and I did have the similarities with the Research group and the 62 school children case..

So it is extremely dificult to know if it was real. It sure felt real as shit to me when my antichrist satin rock band ass was sreaming for Jesus Christ to help me!! I heard you on C2Cam tonight and decided to tell my story. I do not like to tell people because people have said some rude shit about it but it is possibly that you might know of some other reports so I figured Id tell every possibly detail just incase it matched with any other case..:) Thank you very much!!

((NUFORC Note: Witness elects to remain totally anonymous; provides no contact information. PD))