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Occurred : 6/8/2013 17:48 (Entered as : 06/08/13 17:48)
Reported: 6/10/2013 6:00:55 AM 06:00
Posted: 7/3/2013
Location: Cherry Hill, NJ
Shape: Changing
Duration:15 minutes
Boomerang shaped silver metallic object on clear day stationary and rotating.

I went outside just after 5:oo pm on June 8, 2013. A flashing caught my attention in the sky in the distance east of my location. It was an extremely shiny metallic object that kept moving, catching the sun's reflection. At first I thought it was a Mylar balloon, but I realized it was not moving in the wind, it was stationary.

I went into the house to get my super-zoom camera. I went back outside and it was still in the same exact spot. I took numerous photos at 700mm over a period of about 15 minutes even taking the time to change settings on the camera.

One photo shows it turned into a blob, and then it returned to the boomerang shape. The color changed from bright shiny metallic to a dull grey and back numerous times.

I called my wife out to see it, but she didn't believe me and took pictures of me taking pictures of the object. When she did decide to turn and look, the object started to move eastward, slowly at first. It started to move out of view, blocked by a tree. I moved to relocate it, but it was gone. I did not see if it just disappeared or moved quickly, but it was gone in a hurry as I only had to move a few steps.