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Occurred : 2/12/2012 20:30 (Entered as : 02/12 20:30)
Reported: 6/12/2013 12:35:17 AM 00:35
Posted: 7/3/2013
Location: Esperance (Australia),
Shape: Unknown
It was Febuary 2012 at roses beach road and I saw the big shining light and a being in the bush!

The setting was at a beach close to my house (60km) and about 100 Kms out of town, so I've believed in aliens for aslong as I remember especially ancient ones (Sumerians my favourite one -Annunaki) anyways we were heading back to our house (still on the road from the beach towards the real road) after we were fishing with family and friends when my parents decided to stop for a beer and a chat we were in different cars to our family anyway we all got out and I was chatting with my sister thinking at the time how cold it was and talking to my mums good friend around her (my mums) age (40-50) so we were chatting and she had to get another beer and as I was looking were she was standing which was bush area (trees and shubbery) and I saw something white I don't have a clear image in my head but I was so freaked and turned to grab my sister and pointed it out but by that time it was gone and she said "Seriously you're just freaking you're self out, but as ! I was talking to her (she was standing with her back to the road) I saw a flash of light and it wasn't like a car of any sought and it was shining through the trees I was freaked out! I told my sister straight away and she said its just car lights (she believes there some other beings out in space on different planets but not to the extreme I do so she's a bit sceptical about the whole incident) anywho I was trying not be afraid and tried to convince myself it was cars or a car but no car came within the next 20 minutes we were there. Anyway as we were driving home my sister was making fun of me pretending she was an "alien" clone of my sister which hurt my feelings because I know what I saw, but later that night my sister and I were watching a movie and I fell asleep about 10.30-11 pm and I have no memory to how I got to bed except her yelling at me and being angry before she slammed her bedroom door. I woke up the next morning which was a Saturday and watched th! e rest of the movie as I fell asleep while watching the night ! before, so about an hour through the movie my sister comes out and said what the fuck were you on about last night and I replied with I don't remember anything what did I do, she went on and told me that when she tried to wake me up and I got up and said "where is everyone" and she told me she said that they were asleep and she was going to bed then she told me I asked where (fake name) dahlia was which was her 'name' and she said she replied I'm here? And I said no seriously dahlia where the fuck is dahlia and she thought I was joking but when she was telling me she said it did t seem like i was joking because I would have smiled by then anyway apparently I continued on the the kitchen and she was so scared I was going to have a knife when returning that she followed me stopping at the door she said she watched me and I stood in the middle of the room for about 3 minutes until I went to the light switch and turned off the light, she said I was angry and swearing when I wa! lked past her to the lounge room where I turned off the lights leaving her in the dark and she she said she got angry saying "I can't turn off the lights on her" she told me while telling me what I dd last night that she was so scared because I was so angry and that I've never acted like that to her, then she continued on saying that she went to her room yelling at me saying not to turn the lights of on her which then she slammed the door at that moment I said that I remembered her slamming her door and her being angry but that was all, not even going to bed it was like I was in a trance, after reading a book on people's reports of aliens I thought I should so that's why only now I'm reporting my sighting Oh also the next day I read on Facebook someone's status quote "Aliens visited (my home town- she said the actual name though) last night" In conclusion I believe I had an alien encounter as it was not only me that felt the weirdness

((NUFORC Note: Witness indicates that the date in February 2012 is approximate. PD))