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Occurred : 6/16/2013 22:00 (Entered as : 06/16/13 22:00)
Reported: 6/16/2013 8:01:16 AM 08:01
Posted: 7/3/2013
Location: Holland, OH
Shape: Formation
Duration:4 minutes
Formation of 13 bright white lights extending 1.5 miles or more

I had just left my girlfriend’s house in Perrysburg, Ohio, en route to my home in Holland, Ohio (approximately a 9 mile trip). I was travelling north of I 475. About 2 miles before (Exit 6) my exit (Exit 8) off of I-475, I spotted a formation of lights to the west. This was at 10:34 pm (because I immediately called my girlfriend to tell her what I was seeing). To put this into geographic perspective, I would estimate the formation to have been south of Holland (but maybe still in Springfield Township) and north of the Maumee River/Lucas-Wood County line. To be more exact, it started slightly south of I 80/I 90 (Ohio Turnpike). I am not certain whether it was moving, due to my rate of speed (60 mph), but if it were moving, it was headed south. It appeared, though, to be stationary. The formation appeared to be somewhat close to the ground (much lower than a plane would be on approach to the Toledo Express Airport-4 miles away). I would estimate the fo! rmation as having been 1/4 mile west of I 475.

I counted 12 lights at first, but then a 13th light appeared faintly, almost flickering, towards the end (northern tail) of the formation. It brightened and its luminosity matched the other lights. The formation changed slightly twice (as if a few of the lights were swapping places), but wholly in part, kept its original shape. The lights never changed elevation so they were not floating or falling, and the color remained constant. When I first noticed the formation, my first thought was, “Wow, that is the brightest, closest constellation that I’ve ever seen.” It’s then that my eyes noticed far more than the initial cluster of 4 or 5 lights and took in the entire formation. The formation was at least 1.5 mile long and could have been as long as 2 miles. Simply put, it was a line of 13 lights (with some derivation from a conceptual straight line) ascending at approximately 30 degrees.

I was unable to take a picture due to traffic conditions (too dangerous to pull over) and the fact that I was driving. Once I reached my exit, I turned left and headed west about 1 mile and parked in a Boston Market fast food drive-thru. I was looking south over a tree line and I would say that my car was almost perfectly lined with the tail of the formation. At that point (2 minutes after exiting), I could still see 2 lights and they quickly disappeared (literally went out). It was approximately 10:38 pm. There was a male employee sitting on the curb of the parking lot waiting for a ride. I rolled down my window and asked him if he had seen what I had seen. He replied, “No,” which wasn’t surprising (he was nose-first in his cell phone).

From there I traveled west 1 mile to my apartment. I called media outlets, Lucas County Sheriff Dept, Lucas County Port Authority, Toledo Express Airport, Ohio State Highway Patrol, and the 180th Fighter Wing of the Air National Guard. The media was uninterested and the law was annoyed. The LCPA, Toledo Express, and The 180th assured me that flight traffic was at a minimum for the evening and that there was no radar evidence of a craft (or crafts) at that time/location. The LCPA confirmed that the 180th was not running drills or maneuvers. I also found a night kite flying group (online) based in Perrysburg. I called their president this morning and he assured me that their flying grounds, so to speak, are located at least 10 miles to the south east of my sighting, and sometimes, weather permitting, 15 miles to the south.

I called the news outlets once again this morning and at least got WTVG Ch. 13 to take my name and number. For research and record keeping purposes, I am a 32 year old white unmarried, but dating, man. I have a B.S. degree in education and have worked in sales and marketing for the past 7 years. I enjoy sports, history, cooking, working out, and dogs. I am a normal, healthy, well-adjusted, mid-western man. I am Christian by faith and make an income between $35-$50,000.

I have no idea of what it is that I saw last night.