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Occurred : 6/16/2013 21:02 (Entered as : 06/16/2013 21:02)
Reported: 6/16/2013 9:40:55 PM 21:40
Posted: 7/3/2013
Location: Laude, MO
Shape: Circle
Duration:2 minutes
Orange like candle light- flashing

1. I was in the car with my daughter waiting for my wife in a parking lot infront of a ice cream shop.

2. My daughter was playing with me in the passenger seat.

3. It was cloudy and lightening thunders.

4. My daughter looked at the sky and told me that she was seeing fairy tales in the sky, I thought she was joking. She forced me to look in to the sky.

5. I saw one light in round shape moving and immediately there was another behind of the same size and like a candle light then again another , immediately I grabbed my phone and took a picture but it was not clear, so started taking a video but unfortunately I have received a call from someone and it got disconnected.

6. They disappeared while we were watching them, when the light turned off they were like round black balls.

7. I went inside the ice-cream shop to change my another kids diaper and came out.

8. Like after 20 min, I have seen one more same thing on the other side far away for about 30 seconds and it disappeared in the same fashion.

9. Initially I thought it was a light from aero- plane but those were not for sure.