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Occurred : 6/16/2013 17:15 (Entered as : 06/16/13 17:15)
Reported: 6/18/2013 2:20:55 AM 02:20
Posted: 7/3/2013
Location: Lahaina, HI
Shape: Changing
Duration:>20 minutes
White-ish/blue lighted sphere that changed to a white triangle over west Maui

From the beach at Ka'anapali-Lahaina, Maui Hawaii looking west, my wife and I saw a very bright light above the island of Lana'i. At first I thought it was a planet that was much brighter than usual, such as Mars but it wasn't red, it was a very bright blue-ish-white, similar to Xenon headlights color. At one point I had looked over to my wife to tell her to look at th bright light and she had asked about what it was. When I looked back to see it, it had moved south and was slightly dimmer.

At this point, I no longer thought it was a planet and started to think it was a plane or helicopter and shortly after we could see the shape go from a round shape that had a tint of blue, to a triangle shape that was more what and looked to have an obvious set of points. Then I thought it had to be the mast light on top of a yacht or something and was thinking to myself, "It's gotta be closer than you think! Is gotta!"

I started to get my iPhone from my pocket but kept getting distracted by moving object that it took me a little bit to get it out and started taking pictures and video. I took a few photos that don't imply anything special and look like a star or something. I took a short video of just around 2 minutes and the craft is clearly visible as the light I described. It's hard to see the object moving because I was moving the camera.

As my wife and I started to walk back the way we came (heading south, back towards the Hyatt hotel) and a ways away we came upon two women, in their 20's and I asked them if they could see that light and they started talking about how they had been watching it move and thought it was a planet or a plane too. So we started thinking about what it could be but as we came up with possibilities, we could de-characterize the behavior of the object with common knowledge of planes and helicopters. Most moving aircraft will have at least alternating flashing lights on each wing or the top/bottom of the craft. They also don't move in sharp, zig-zag patterns and erratic flight bahavior we saw. Then the one of the girls said the same thing I thought about it being the light at the top of a yachts mast and that it could be closer than we think but we could see 3 yachts a couple hundred yards off shore very close to us that didn't have lights nearly as bright on top and they were not ! moving like the craft in the sky.

We all watched it move out over towards the direction of Lahaina. My wife and I said a few things about the event with the 2 girls and headed back towards our hotel and didn't see the flying craft again. The craft was obvious to us for about 20-30 minutes from when we first noticed the bright light to the point where we couldnt really see well any longer and headed back to the north side of Ka'anapali where our hotel, the Sheraton, is.

We talked about what we saw and how cool it be to have finally seen a UFO. My wife asked if I was going to tell anybody about it and I said, "I really want to! I don't know who to tell though!" I asked her the same thing and she said "Hell no! I don't want everyone to think I'm crazy! Nobody would take it seriously anyway." I said "that's true but we know what we saw! That was awesome!"

When we got back to our home on Oahu, we told our roommate and he started making jokes about it. "Did it abduct someone? Could you see little green men flying it? Did you sing the melody (notes from 'Close Encounters of the Third Kind')?" and stuff of that nature were among the few jokes he said and even when my wife backed up my story, however reluctant, our roommate continued with his "witty banter". I showed him the video I took and he still made fun of our encounter.

I would think it to be very ignorant and nieve of us to think we are alone in the realm of all space and given that time is infinite in past and present, why wouldn't others have found us by now? It would be equally ignorant and nieve to think our government has flying craft, capable of amazing maneuvers etc.

I cannot explain what I saw as a common aircraft or ship and I know it happened and there were others there to share in this experience. I'm glad and greatful to have had the experience.