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Occurred : 3/18/2003 04:00 (Entered as : 03/18/2003 04:00)
Reported: 6/21/2013 3:07:51 PM 15:07
Posted: 7/3/2013
Location: Baghdad (Iraq),
Shape: Teardrop
The convoy commander relayed over the radio that we were ready to move. I jumped in my truck, and welcomed aboard Private ((name deleted)), my co-driver also known as my battle buddy. I remember it was a quiet and slow ride, but then I seen that this HUMMV drifted ahead with speed.

The distance between our vehicles was increasing. It only took seconds to get to the point when I wasn't able to see them at all. I remember feeling terrified, because all I seen around was just darkness and we were on this cliff rolling downwards towards the end of the bridge. I had no idea how or where those roads led, so I slowly released my foot off the gas, held down on the clutch and allowed my vehicle to roll, attempting to keep the wheel at what I considered straight.

All of a sudden my tractor jilted downwards fast as if my truck fell into a deep hole and my truck started to sway from left to right beyond my control, then it stopped. My tanker full of fuel was creaking as if it was leaning. I learned we were leaning in like a see-saw position as I glanced over to my frightened battle and seen she sat higher than me. The unevenness in the cab of my tractor gave me a clue that we were leaning off the cliff! This same cliff that had a significant drop! We both sat solid in the truck beyond terrified because we knew we were about to die without a doubt. We both didn't even want to talk, we just stared. The emotions of my battle filled me with sorrow and I was too stuck in fright to tell her that it will be ok. The sad thing is I remember the only sentence she said was, "I love you battle, at least we won't have a long death, it'll be quick because we're going to hit rock bottom too fast." We laughed, but it seemed as though our tiny fake giggles made the movement of the truck worse. I had no idea where the convoy was behind us because I couldn't hear anything. We were definitely not about to make a move and turn around to see. So we sat still wi! th no other choice but to ready ourselves for death.

What we then witnessed was out of this world and would require you to actually be there to believe it. As I stated earlier we were driving vehicles that were used in Desert Storm, and that my tractor trailer was a stick shift. The only way for that raggedy truck to turn on was if I pushed both my tiny feet way down on the clutch, then turn the key and hold it until it turns on in that exact order. This instance was different. My truck just turned on by itself without the use of the clutch and definitely not the use of the key. I refused to move a muscle let alone turn the ignition to start. My hard to handle steering wheel spun crazily round and round and without being in any gear, my truck jolted forward then to the right. I thought the weight of the truck had given in on the cliff and we were falling. My vehicle continuously rolled forward until my battle and I noticed we were at the other side of the bridge and safe on regular road. We can see our heavy foot HUMMV parked! along with the rest of the convoy that was ahead of us. Behind us was a gap followed by the vehicles that were behind us from the start. It was a good thing a tanker moved from the back of the convoy and became the leader to lead the rest of the convoy to the end of the bridge where my vehicle was approaching. I didn't remember traveling that distance. It had to have been a 3 to 3 1/2 mile roll that I nor my battle had any recollection of. I'm not insinuating that we were somehow time warped or anything of the sort, it's just that a 20 mph vehicle ride over a 3-mile stretch would be noticeable. It only took seconds for us to travel that distance. At that time what mattered most was that we were alive. We were somehow saved from that cliff drop to death. My battle and I just stared at each other amazed by what we just witnessed and I remember my battle saying to me, "I will ride in this truck from now on." Once we were completely caught up to the convoy, Amy and I got out the truck and threw our hands towards the sky with kisses, thanking God for another chance at life. My praises was interrupted when I suddenly saw this anomaly in the sky. To describe it at it's best it looked like our moon when it's at full moon. This anomaly was shining bright and as it coasted in the sky a white fire like trail followed it. I wasn't able to hear a sound from it. It was high in the sky, but low enough to see and know for a fact that this was not something that we would call an aircraft of ours on this planet. It shimmered a royal blue like color as it coasted silently and slowly in the sky. It looked as though it was following our convoy while in the sky as though it was watching us. It was an odd sight, but very beautiful! My battle buddy, a few dozens of the soldiers in the convoy and myself watched this anomaly as it seemed as though it was following the whole convoy. We couldn't take p! ictures because flashes fell under light discipline and no one had a camera. This was an experience that would pass down as a myth to our grand children, but I will always know that I was there at the origin of that myth.