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Occurred : 5/3/2013 21:45 (Entered as : 05/03/2013 21:45)
Reported: 6/30/2013 1:57:53 AM 01:57
Posted: 7/3/2013
Location: San Tan Valley, AZ
Shape: Circle
Duration:15-20 minutes
25-30 orange/white balls of light traveling across the evening sky in San Tan Valley, Arizona

On Friday night May 3rd at approximately 21:45 p.m., I was headed Northbound on Gantzel/Ironwood Road in San Tan Valley, Arizona, when I spotted in front of me white/orange glowing ‘balls’ in the sky.

My first thought was that they were a group of hot air balloons that had just taken off. But realizing that couldn’t be the case due to the ‘glow’ of the objects-my next thought was someone released a bunch of Chinese luminaries.

At this time I realized these objects were heading in my direction…at what seemed to be a fairly fast speed-and clearly were neither balloons nor luminaries. They were coming from a northeasterly direction traveling in a southwesterly direction and I would best describe them as little ‘suns’. They were orange-ish in color and pulsated.

I immediately reached for my cell phone and called my sister to see if she could see these objects. She is located near 7th street and the 101 freeway, about an hour drive from me. She could not. As I was speaking with her and continuing to drive northbound- my excitement increased as I began counting out loud to her how MANY objects there were! When I reached 28 in number, I could clearly see some of the objects’ light’ beginning to fade away.

At this point these objects were flying directly over my head. I told my sister I needed to hang up and roll some video. I quickly pulled over on the east side of Gantzel/Ironwood in an office complex, just south of the Banner Ironwood Hospital. I got out of my truck and started recording video from my cell phone.

What was fascinating is that these objects were not in any particular formation…again-the reason I first thought they might be hot air balloons or luminaries-both of which would have had much of the same random/scattered flight pattern as I was witnessing with these objects. At one point one of the objects appeared to be moving much faster to ‘catch up’ with another object. Again, something I could not explain away as anything I have ever witnessed before.

After about 2 minutes of recording video-the camera stopped and I was alerted my cell phone was out of data space. I quickly erased a prior video and began a second recording. Both recordings lasted several minutes, and as noted in the audio of the recordings-with the naked eye I could faintly see some of these objects still illuminated albeit they seem to disappear from the video. Also, as they flew over my head one of the objects lights went out…but against the night sky I could still see an object. It was silver in color and a rectangular shape. Their altitude was about that of a small plane flying above. I watched it continue southwesterly until I lost sight of it.

What adds even greater intrigue into this sighting-is the events that followed.

As I got back in my truck and continued northbound on Gantzel/Ironwood Road-obviously excited and wishing to hell I had somebody with me to witness this with me, I couldn’t help but feel SOMEBODY had been able to capture much better video than what I had captured. There was not a question in my mind this had to be witnessed by dozens if not hundreds of people.

I decided to call television station ABC 15. When I spoke to the news desk-nobody had reported any ‘odd’ occurrences, and they suggested I submit my video for review via their website.

My next call was to the Pinal County Sheriff’s Office. Amazed- the phone just rang and rang and rang-I hung up and tried it again. This time after again ringing and ringing-a recording came on and said that my ‘call could not be completed at this time. Please try again later’. Of course my first thought is they have been overwhelmed with phone calls and the lines are jammed. I redialed them again-and again- the phone just rang and rang and rang….

I then called another news station, and again, got the same response that no one had reported any ‘odd’ occurrence, and they too gave me information on how to submit my video via their website.

Then, I again attempted to call the Pinal County Sheriff’s Office. Once more, nobody answered the phone. I then called the Mesa Police Department. As I was explaining this occurrence-the dispatcher asked in what location this event occurred, and I told her San Tan Valley. She then stated I would have to report the incident to the proper jurisdictions department-the Pinal County Sheriff’s Office. After explaining I had tried numerous times to contact them, she seemed to allude to the fact I miss dialed or had the wrong number. I told her I had the correct number. The dispatcher then informed me she would patch me through herself to the P.C.S.O.

Again, nobody answered the phone. I tried several more times with the same outcome. I placed calls until approximately 23:15, and never did anybody answer the phone. (I am attempting to get a report from the Pinal County Sheriff’s Office on their call logs for that evenings dispatch. It has proven to be a difficult task.) At this time I was approaching Guadalupe Road, when three police units passed by me in the southbound lanes of Ironwood with full lights and sirens and driving at least 100 mph. For some reason I couldn’t help but think this was somehow related to this sighting.

The next day I was up early and scanned the television stations for any possible news reports of any ‘UFO’ sighting. To my surprise-I flipped to ABC 15 just in time to hear them say something about all the sightings on the WEST SIDE (I am on the EAST SIDE) of a possible ‘UFO’. After returning from a commercial break the reporter explained that these reports were actually people witnessing a ‘solar plane’ that was in the area and that they could head to the stations website to see more footage of this craft.

Immediately I couldn’t believe it! Was this a cover up??? Surely dozens…hundreds of people saw this event! Are ‘they’ really going to explain it away as a solar plane?? In fact, a solar plane might very well have been the culprit to what some people saw. It is NOT what I saw.

In disbelief and to amuse myself, I then went to the television stations website and viewed the ‘solar plane’ that many reported as a ‘UFO”.

Let me clearly state that what I saw was nothing close to what people might have seen with this ‘solar plane’. NOTHING CLOSE!! Since that date I have searched online for any report from that same evening, from anybody that witnessed the same event I did.. I found only one link matching the date of May 3rd 2013-and that was from a person that apparently witnessed this ‘solar plane’.

Again, this is not what I witnessed. I hope you take the time to review my two videos taken from that evening.

FOOTNOTE: On the drive home the other evening I caught a few minutes of the radio program ‘Coast to Coast AM’. To my shock they were discussing the numerous reports from across the country of this same type of sighting and prompted people to write in if they had a similar experience themselves.

And so you have my story…and it will be a day I shall never...ever...forget......