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Occurred : 5/19/2013 19:15 (Entered as : 5/19/2013 19:15)
Reported: 7/6/2013 11:26:20 PM 23:26
Posted: 7/14/2013
Location: Burgaw, NC
Shape: Triangle
Duration:3 seconds
Gigantic Triangle Craft

At 9:14 pm tonight while riding on Highsmith Road near the Burgaw area of Pender County, NC, my wife pointed at a rectangular shaped object with three distinct yellowish lights on it consisting of one at the top and one in the middle and one at the bottom and she declared, "Do you see that?"

I had just locked eyes on it while coming out of a curve in the road when she did this. It was huge and by that it looked to be several miles long in mass and length if it were in our lower atmosphere! If it were higher in the upper heavens then it could even span beyond miles! There is no telling how far up it was or how big it really was. Measuring from the top of the car's rear view mirror to the middle of the windshield is how much space it took up of that area and it looked as high up there in space as the stars look among the constellations as I lunged forward to see it better. It tilted downward as if it were dipping and just vaporized right before our eyes but left a fa! int flash of light orange yellowish glow in an oblong design along it's outer perimeter between the bottom and middle lights.

She had been looking at it and trying to figure just what it was while talking on her cell phone which she immediately told her sister she had to hang up and then it disappeared in a second from her hanging up the phone. I saw it clearly for no more than perhaps only two to three seconds tops. She saw it maybe seven to eight seconds also. But boy is it etched into my mind! It reminded me of how the triangle craft in Arizona looked that made UFO history. But this one dwarfed that image. And it was slanted sideways at an angle. It was super massive. This is happening during a near full moon on a clear starry night. There were no clouds or obstructions for it to disappear in or behind. It startled us very much and we were so relieved it disappeared as it scared us good! The wife commented how glad she was that it was now gone.

We rode home looking out t! he windshield fervently and methodically paying close attentio! n to the skies. I actually veered of the road once and she being a woman of no nonsense would usually get on to me about watching where I'm going but she was too mesmerized at gazing out the window that it did not phase her much which trust me is highly unusual behavior for her! We slowly rode home watching the heavens.

When we got home a bright light came over the trees from the woods near our home as I was talking to my son on the phone about that massive UFO as I stood outside in the backyard. I was still watching the skies because of the earlier observation. This was perhaps twenty minutes later at 9:34 pm. I opened the back door and called for the wife to please come see this strange light. She came outside and we both agreed it might just be a plane as it was on the path planes usually come up over the woods from. But I noted there was no noise and the light was going too fast for an airplane or even a jet. She said... "That s just a plane"...  but it reminded me of an encounter we reported on your site just after Christmas about a fireball we encountered up close because it was unusually bright and commanded attention. As it rose higher into the airspace it was dazzling bright then instantly dimmed away like a vacuum tube does when the power is turned off and simply ! disappeared right before our eyes just like that last fireball did we had saw right after Christmas. The sky was clear and the bright moon was lighting everything up and there was no place for that craft to hide behind or cloud to absorb into. I've seen planes disappear like that before and wonder what causes that effect but this was totally different in the way the largeness of the craft was becoming and the brightness it was emitting. Well she exclaimed..."That's two UFO encounters in less than a half hour's time!" My son was listening to all of this happening on the phone so he is an audio witness.

I'm reporting this out of great concern and if anyone reading this account had seen this very frightening event then you would be thinking like I am that it has nothing to do with earthly technologies and it certainly is nothing the military has hiding in the hangers.