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Occurred : 7/14/2013 21:00 (Entered as : 07/14/2013 21:00)
Reported: 7/18/2013 3:25:49 PM 15:25
Posted: 7/22/2013
Location: Oakland, TN
Shape: Circle
Duration:2-3 minutes
Brilliantly colored Orange/Red Circle travelling E to W in Oakland, TN on July 14, 2013

On July 14, 2013 approximately 21:00 (9:00pm), I observed along with others an orange/red orb. I was talking to my neighbor and glanced to the east. I noticed a big orange/red ball. I asked my neighbor what that was, and he said probably a firework, since someone was shooting off a few in the distance from where we were, and we could see them.

We kept watching silently. We noticed it was moving towards us. When it was passing, I told him that wasn’t normal. He said no it wasn’t. We both said we have never seen anything like it. It had no sound, nor a tail. I viewed it very well. It didn’t have a white glowing light nor an open place in the bottom like Chinese lanterns have.

I got an excellent view of the east, north, west and bottom of this object. IT HAD NO OPENINGS WHATSOEVER! Brilliant orange red color. I did focus on it’s rim after it passed by me to see if I saw anything emitting from the sides. I did see a little energy, one might call it.

My close up look revealed that it did not flicker like most you tube videos of orbs do. It was very bright, but didn’t hurt my eyes at the moment looking at it. I didn’t have to squint like looking at the sun makes one squint. It was a big ball traveling across the sky. It seemed to be intelligently controlled in my opinion.

I have not ideal what I saw, but I can tell you in my opinion what I believe it wasn’t due to the close up view I got of it. It has been suggested it was a Chinese lantern. I have looked at Chinese lanterns on you tube. There is no comparison to what I observed. There was no white light. It was perfectly round like the moon. I know it was not a falling star, nor a piece of space junk that fell from orbit. I witnessed a piece of Russian space junk falling and it looked like a plane on fire with a long tail.

This orb looked more like a ball of energy, perhaps one might say an orange round moon traveling. The color was not flickering. I didn’t see any white or black spots. The color seemed the same all over, just brilliantly colored.

I didn’t see a triangle or any other shape within or outside of it. I observed it long and close enough to honestly say in my opinion it wasn’t a Chinese lantern which skeptics want one to believe.

There is a place that makes flares on the east side of Oakland. I sometimes see them testing early in the morning off in the distance from our house. They fall down. I’ve seen enough of those to know it wasn’t a flare. Besides it was on a Sunday night, and I’m sure they were closed. They don’t travel at a constant speed and altitude either.

As the object traveled past, I didn’t feel any weird feelings within my body. I probably wouldn’t of noticed any weird feelings since I was so fixated on the object in question. Again, it had no openings on the east, north, west nor bottom of object. I could see it most clearly. If it landed on top of the house or in front of me, I could not have viewed it any better.

I called the National Weather Service in Memphis, Tennessee this morning. The gentleman said the surface winds were out of the east at 10 mph. Speculating winds aloft were out of SE 500 feet and above. He said they didn’t keep a record of winds aloft, so he was going by what it has been lately with winds out of the east. I didn’t like hearing winds out of the east, because that doesn’t help me with my case as to what I actually viewed. The skeptics reading my report will suggest it was a Chinese lantern, which in my opinion clearly wasn’t. Before saying that I would say it was a ball of energy coming from the fireworks. I feel so strongly it wasn’t a Chinese lantern due to the great views I had of it on the east, north, west and bottom sides.

Whatever it was…. The color was very pretty. I don’t see Chinese lanterns having such a brilliant orange / red color. It wasn’t like it was lit up inside an object. The object was the light itself.

Everything I have written is my honest opinion. I will say the altitude of the object was perplexing to me. I can’t give you an altitude, but I can tell you it was big enough and close enough for me to see everything I needed to see.