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Occurred : 5/5/2013 23:30 (Entered as : 05/05/2013 23:30)
Reported: 7/19/2013 10:45:52 PM 22:45
Posted: 7/22/2013
Location: Yukon, OK
Shape: Rectangle
Duration:~1.8 minutes
UFO over LDS temple in Yukon, Oklahoma.

Please refer to my YouTube vide at the following site: I also have a PDF of my sketch of the craft.

I have spoken to MUFON about this incident as well.

Note that I am a licensed helicopter private pilot, and former Police Officer (keep confidential; only provided for credibility purposes).

11:30pm Sunday May 5th, 2013. I turned North on Hastings at the same time a caucasian male jogger was looking into the sky at the same thing I was I know at least one other person witnessed this event.

It looked like a larger aircraft on final approach to runway 35 at Sundance Airpark, but then I realized it was not on approach, it was hovering and flashing red, white (maybe white spot lights). While stopped at Surrey Hills Blvd and Hastings, the craft was hovering about 500ft or closer off the ground and about 900 feet to the Southwest, emitting no sound.

I later realized, on a subsequent trip to the area, that it was hovering over the LDS Church, which has a brightly illuminated steeple with a gold horn blower figure at its peak. I believe that the extremely bright upward shining steeple lighting is what illuminated the craft enough so that I could see its shape.

I then thought to try to get video from my phone. I turned Southwesterly on Surrey Hills Blvd and ! started the video....the craft seemed to detect what I was doing and it proceeded Southwesterly as I trailed it at approx 25-30 mph. Note that prior to pursuing the craft, I rolled down my driver side window and faintly heard what sounded like what a "thruster" might sound like on the shuttle in space (an air propellant sound).

In addition, I could swear that I started the camera sooner, when I was closer to the craft, but as it is, I only have a view of what it looked like pulling away from me. I thought it may be a "lighter than air" craft out of Sundance Airpark, located appx 2 miles Northeasterly, however I do not believe LTA crafts can operate at night. Even if they can fly at night, I'm pretty sure no aircraft can have red lights at the very tail end (flashing and in a triangular pattern). FAA requires aircraft light markers to be white strobe at the rear and red and green static lights (port and starboard) on the wing tips or furthest protruding point on an aircraft, even helicopters.

I was close enough at the beginning that I could see that it was much longer than its width, thick like a clay brick, slightly narrower in the middle like a dumb bell but not as thin as a regular dumb bell at the hand grip section; corners appeared to be at 45 degree angles, looked like it was over 200ft long and several stories high with no apparent windows that I could see over the bright lights on the belly; which were at least 6 red and 4 bright white static, flashing and strobing lights, and three slowly flashing red lights at the tail in triangular shape (one at top, two at bottom).

Prior to the video, the belly lights were flashing in a random pattern, almost as if it was a light show; it was more likely photographing the steeple, in my opinion.

I followed it Southwesterly for .85 miles while attempting to video tape it; difficult due to twists in the road, shifting gears and losing the craft in the trees. I have sketched a diagram of the craft which I can provide upon request.