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Occurred : 10/29/2008 11:53 (Entered as : 10/29/08 11:53)
Reported: 7/22/2013 10:35:36 PM 22:35
Posted: 8/30/2013
Location: Shreveport, LA
Shape: Disk
This was a close encounter of a UFO. This was around 11:53 PM and I was 12 and I was helping putting stuff in our U-Haul in our driveway and I felt this weird sensation to look up and I saw this ufo disk/ saucer and it was 7-10 feet above my driveway and it made no sound just hovered. The UFO had 3 lights on red, white, and blue. The object was black and had a black tinted window. It was really weird looking underneath. I'm starting to think there were line patterns underneath that almost resembeled circuit boards. The light frame was a bit bigger than a watermelon, but were ovaled shaped. It was all black underneath, but it's hard to rember if there were other lights on which I think there were. This took place on Chase Oaks street. I think the line patterns were going from straight lines to curved lines and were connected to little bright lightbulbs. I'm uncertain how long it was there for at least a few minutes and I don't know if I was abducted or not! , but I think if I was I wouldn't have remembered so much detail from this encounter. I remember running inside to tell my dad and I went back out their by myself and a minute later it was gone. I didn't see it take off. It was in Chase Oaks off of Baird RD. I'm not sure if there was missing time are not, but I remember going back inside around 12:40 PM.

((NUFORC Note: Witness elects to remain totally anonymous; provides no contact information. PD))