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Sighting Report
Occurred : 5/31/2013 21:30 (Entered as : 05/31/13 21:30)
Reported: 7/24/2013 10:21:36 PM 22:21
Posted: 8/30/2013
Location: Cassadaga, NY
Shape: Triangle
Duration:5-8 minutes
We had 2 sightings of multiple craft within .25 mi area, within a span of one minute, 2 very different types of craft.

First sighting (of two): At 21:30 on May 31, 2013, driving south on Route 60 in Cassadaga, NY, I saw from the rear seat what appeared to be a tall tower of light. I asked the others in the car "What is that? What are we looking at? It looks like a tower of light." The driver said "There is no tower of light in that field." As we watched, the white lights seemed to be emerging from the earth or from Cassadaga Lake, 1,000 feet or so to our left (west). There appeared to be dozens climbing vertically, one after another, at a relaxed speed. When the craft reached an altitude of approx 500 feet, they leveled off and headed east. They were traveling ahead of the car and, in a split second, I had to turn my head back to continue seeing them, now behind us. I cannot say if there was missing time, but it was a strange sensation. Each of these crafts had 2 or 4 very bright white lights and were climbing as if on an elevator, one after another. At one point it appeared that the tower of light were falling over, but it was an optical illusion as they started leveling off and heading east. They appeared to be moving fairly slowly and yet we observed them for only one minute or less and they had moved quite a bit in that brief space of time. We could not see the body of the crafts, only the bright white lights.

Second sighting: The driver had not slowed down, nor had he looked towards the lights, as the remaining 3 of us had. Within .25 miles, we made a right turn onto Dale Dr in Cassadaga ( now heading west). As we turned, I was still looking above us at the night sky and saw more lights. I called out "Stop !" "Stop !!!" and when the driver kept driving, I said "Pull the car over !!"

We all got out of the car and stood under the lights, which appeared to be triangular. The reason I say triangular is because each set of 3 lights vibrated slightly as they traveled east-south-east. The vibrational movement was horizontal and each set of 3 lights moved as one. We had missed several lights, but we watched 3 of these triangular-shaped craft flying in absolute silence, directly above us, at a speed of perhaps 30 mph.

A car stopped to ask if we were OK, we said "yes". That car drove on. A second car stopped and the man asked what we were looking at. I said "We're watching UFOs go by." He said "Thank God! I thought people would think I was crazy!"

He stopped his car and then he and his mother stood with us watching the remaining craft go by. He had first seen the lights from his home and got in the car to get closer to the lights. As I observed the lights they appeared to be made of fire. They were circular and under the crafts. Others described what they saw as red lights, or yellow lights or orange lights. The crafts were flying in a straight line formation. After the 3 sets of 3 lights went by, there were 2 more crafts with single lights and they were not following the same straight line pattern, they were off to the sides.

All of these craft, in the second sighting, were emitting a thick black smoke from the edges to camouflage the lights. It looked like cloud material, only black.

There were pictures taken with cell phones, with some blurred effects on one and with only 2 of the 3 lights showing on another. It was difficult to estimate the altitude of the dark crafts, possibly 100 feet to 400 feet above us?

After the sightings: The next day, June 1st, 2013, I was told of a woman who saw 30 lights in the sky around 21:30 on May 31, 2013. I have since spoken to her and she told me that she saw them while sitting at her computer on her front porch. She counted 30 lights, which were the same ones from our second sighting, but we caught the tail end and saw only 3 of at least 10 triangular craft traveling in a one line formation. She was located slightly west-north-west of us at the time of her sighting.

Conclusion: It would appear that at least the White Light crafts were emerging from Lake Cassadaga or very nearby and the possibility exists that the dark triangular-looking crafts may have emerged from the same location, at almost the same time. This area is a well-known vortex and Lake Cassadaga is known to be quite deep with some type of connecting spring system running beneath it. Was there a meeting occurring just before our sightings ? or is this a coincidence ? My background: I worked for a major Canadian airline for over 32 years, staring in 1973. I never witnessed any unexplained phenomena/ sightings in my career, although I heard of many sightings/experiences from pilots over those decades.

Backgrounds of the other witnesses: The driver of the car is an accountant. One of the other ladies in the car is a nurse. The other woman works in mediation, if I'm not mistaken. The woman who saw 30 lights was a legal secretary for many decades.