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Occurred : 7/27/2013 21:10 (Entered as : 07/27/2013 21:10)
Reported: 7/29/2013 3:29:57 AM 03:29
Posted: 8/30/2013
Location: Nags Head, NC
Shape: Fireball
Duration:1 minute
Orange Fireball passed North West over land in Nags Head, NC.

While Traveling South Down S.Croatan Highway in Nags Head North Carolina, my friend and I spotted one orange object out of the car windshield. It was low and moving slow. Thinking it was a helicopter at first we didn't pay any mind to it. Then we noticed that there were no other lights on the object. It was moving too slow to be a plane and we didn't hear any other sound that would suggest that it was an aircraft. It finally crossed over top of us (North West direction) as we passed under it. I caught a glimpse of it through my sunroof and asked my friend to look behind us to see if she could see what direction it was heading. When she turned around, trying to look out and up of the car window, she lost sight of it. She said she lost it amongst the street lights or it disappeared. We came to the conclusion that it was a glowing orange fireball of some sort.

We are both creative educated individuals. I’m artist and she a store manager. We both are familiar wh! it what an aircraft looks like and this was nothing that we have ever seen before.