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Occurred : 8/9/2013 21:45 (Entered as : 08/09/13 21:45)
Reported: 8/9/2013 11:19:10 PM 23:19
Posted: 8/30/2013
Location: Lakeville, MN
Shape: Disk
Duration:5 minutes
A formation of large amber lights

On the west side of 35W on Kenyon Avenue in Lakeville, I saw a formation of 4 large and very bright amber lights that I would describe visually as about the size of the planet Venus, streaming silently and steadily across the sky from the north (Burnsville) moving south over Lakeville.

It was a formation of one light, then two together (vertical) and then one lead light. Between the two middle lights and the lead light, there seemed to be a barely visible light that jetted out, so the total would be 5 when including the little one.

I could see planes arriving and departing from the MSP airport in the NE, but these lights were not associated with any planes. They followed an exact pattern across the sky and were solid amber in color, no blinking.

I watched the barely visible light disappear and then each of the large lights disappeared one by one. I don't know whether to be disturbed or fascinated. I hope someone else will report seeing these things at approximately the same time.