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Occurred : 8/2/2013 21:31 (Entered as : 08022013 9:31pm)
Reported: 8/14/2013 10:38:48 PM 22:38
Posted: 8/30/2013
Location: Everett, WA
Shape: Sphere
Duration:5 minutes
13 bright orange sphere shaped lights moving through my neighborhood, two at time side by side

I happened to glance out my kitchen window while doing dishes which faces west towards the water (Port Gardner Bay) Everett Washington. Approaching my house I see two distinct fire orange balls of light that appeared to be in tandem with each other. They moved through the section of tree line that divides my neighborhood from the bluff and then appear to fly through the tree line heading away from my street in an easterly direction, as they cleared the trees, and in plain view of open cloudless sky they just disappeared. Seconds later two more approach mimicking the same pattern, they flew approximately two blocks west of my home down the street.

They got smaller and I assumed they were either going higher or disappearing all together because I was unable to visualize them when at the end of the street. As the two balls of light disappeared two more are moving past the tree line, again following the same pattern. I was able to get my neighbor’s visitor’s attention and he confirmed what I was seeing. I was able to see a few small commuter airplanes in the distance that is typical of this area as I am close to Boeing and a few miles from the Everett Naval Station. These lights were not typical of the aircraft I have seen here.

There was no sound to them; they didn’t leave any sort of trail. However, I counted 13 of them, they flew in pairs except for the last one, and all followed the same flight pattern. This process took approximately 5 minutes, unfortunately for fear of missing anything I did not run back to my house and get my camera. I only had the comfort of my neighbor’s friend who was able to see what I saw.

I am providing this information because this is the second sighting I have had, the first was May 3, 2012 and that one was just a singular orange light that hovered directly over my home for approximately 3min, it was also 9-9:30 in the evening. That sighting was much closer to my house and directly above it. It also appeared to illuminate itself to appear really big and then shrink in size and look like a tiny white star. It disappeared when I attempted to jump the shrubbery in my front yard and bang on the window to get my husband’s attention. I made a search of the neighborhood seconds after I lost sight of that one and walked to the bluff which overlooks the water, Port Gardner Bay, but there was no indication of it anywhere in the sky.

I do not believe these were airplanes, helicopters, weather balloons or flares. These objects had intelligent and deliberate movement and seemed to be a team or in unison of some sort. I am hesitant to contact the Naval Station and inquire about any sightings on the evening of August 2nd 2013 or possible unusual things seen on their radar as these types of occurrences are typically dismissed, so I decided to share it with you to see if this sounds like anything you have heard before. I am sincerely interested since I live above the Naval Station and not far from the water. Is their a correlation for the multiple sightings? I don’t know, however what I saw was absolutely amazing.

((NUFORC Note: Witness elects to remain totally anonymous; provides no contact information. PD))