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Occurred : 8/16/2013 23:00 (Entered as : 8/16/2013 23:00)
Reported: 8/17/2013 11:24:11 AM 11:24
Posted: 8/30/2013
Location: Ceres, CA
Shape: Triangle
Duration:3-5 minutes

8/16/2013, ceres california, 23:32 , there was little wind or cloud cover out this night it was a nice 76 degrees no clouds as far as my eye can see i had stepped out of my home to have a smoke, when i noticed a large blue light moving quickly threw the sky west to east or left to right from my eye point, as i looked and followed the light with my eyes i figured it was one of those theater lights they put on like in lasvegas that shine up to the sky, its now i noticed that light had no beam coming from the earth up wards as a spotlight would, the light came to a sudden stop and started to flash very quickly the one light instantly broke into 3 which now formed a very large triangle the lights being the 3 points of the triangle they started to rotate almost blinking in sync to appear to be rotating , at this point im almost scared and want to run inside but all i could do was look with awe, the triangle distance between the points i would say was over a 100 f! t per point very large yet i could see no structure of a ship only the lighted points but it did block out the stars behind it, as the lights on the outer continued to rotate they began doing so much faster almost as if my eye was seeing it after the fact as if it were so fast it had did 60 passes to my eyes only seeing one if you can understand that, all of a sudden one of the lights shot light into the center of the is triangle and it became 3 lights moving slower but in a circular motion in the center of this triangle, by this point im about to shit my pants, now im 29 a male and athletic but its as if this thing made me not be able to move it could have just been fear but its as if my mind knew what was going on but my muscles just couldn't work, at this point i noticed my neibor across the street coming out of his home yelling what the FUCK rather loud, i could see they were looking oowing and aweing as well , the object continued to just spin its lights, now again im ! not sure if the lights where spinning or if they were blinking! so fast it appeared to spin, im not sure how to explain i would say almost strobe light like but in sync with each other, all of this is happened in a matter of i would say 4 mins, as i continued to stare all of the lights slowly began to form one l light as if they were returning to the center until all the lights 6 in all i think were in the center and now just one like the original one that caught my eye, again no beam was seen going to this object or from it nor was there a beam of light coming down ward it was if this perfect blue circle was just there and the circle was large ,as it became one light it flickered and began to flicker even faster at this time i noticed that i could see not clouds but almost a smoke a exhaust of some sort it looked like very thick smog clouds or what youd see coming out of a trains stack but white it was too thick to be cloud there was no other clouds in the sky and no way these clouds just appeard out of thin air, what also is a mind fucker to! me is the smoke cloud thing looked like hiroshima adom bombing mushroom cloud type shaped only upside down , the flickering light in the center all of a sudden just whent out and darkness again took over the sky, i could no longer see the smokey cloud or any lights what i could see now was stars that when the object was there i couldnt see, i looked at my clock it was now 23:37 the object was gone, now i live in a small town in central california im not a ufo hunter avid believer or of any thing like that,i live on a normal city block in a residential area , i have to ask my self if it was a ufo why was it here of all places in broad daylight, if its military why does it have lights that makes no sense to me as well for ufo , dont you think theyd cut the lights why would they want to stay hidden but be seen, if it was military why are they flying over our homes?, this thing was so massive if it were military it would be like a air base of some sort? the lights were ver! y blue in color to compare i would say they looked just like H! ID headl ights on cars very distinct blue hue in perfect circles id say each circle was maybe 6-10 feet around very large, i take into consideration what it were flashlights i say ok then why i see no beam going up ward and how can they blink and spin so perfect in sync youd have to have more then one person controlling all the flashlights by hand at once perfectly and again why would any one do this for 5 mins then stop, it makes no sence to me ither way i googled blue lights in california sky in google news and seen alot of simular stories, i also found this web sight, you can take my experience as you will, i also was not high or drunk i am of perfect mental capacity i know i was not hallucinating i was in a normal state of mind, you can say this guy made it up or you can belive what i say its not going to change what i seen, i also could not here any sounds of motor noise or engine it was silent