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Sighting Report
Occurred : 6/30/2011 00:00 (Entered as : 00/00/11 00:00)
Reported: 8/23/2013 6:29:39 PM 18:29
Posted: 8/30/2013
Location: North Shore Oahu, HI
Shape: Oval
Duration:3 minutes
North Shore Oahu Ball of Fire

Aloha I wish to file a report of a sighting I personally witnessed. This incident took place in the summer of 2011 on the island of Oahu Hawai’i. The reason for the delay in submitting this report is that I was unaware of your reporting site and I was not a Coast to Coast listener until earlier this year. Even though I’m a Coast listener, I hesitate to report because I believe most of what I hear on coast is a fabrication of the callers. Most of these people are wack jobs in my opinion. It was not until I heard the stories of “Fireballs” making 90 degree turns that the hairs on the back of my neck stood and I realized that I too am a wack job.

As I mentioned above that it was the summer of 2011 on a Friday or Saturday night late possibly very early morning. I was at the famous Sunset Beach with a couple of new acquaintances. My job would take me to the North Shore of Oahu every Thursday night where I worked as an auditor. Friday mornings was the beginning of my weekends for partying on the famous North Shore. I slept in my vehicle at Sunset Beach as to be the first and last at the endless parties.

On the night of the sighting it was late and I determined this because the only people for some time was myself, two others whom I met recently and a few party goers on Sunset Point toward the east of the beach down near the water. The partiers had a bomb fire as did that location almost every night. I and the other two people were standing on the walkway in front of my vehicle talking story. I had been drinking beer as I did every weekend. I must have drank at least a six pack by that time. This was not an uncommon amount of alcohol for me. I can drink large amount of beer without problems. Anyway, I was speaking to one of the other two people in my company. We were discussing the bomb fire at the point. That’s when the third person in my company made a comment about the fire. I said to him “what do you think we are talking about?” He replied “No! Not that fire. That fire.” Pointing above and to our right.

When I looked in the direction he was pointing; I saw a ball of fire traveling toward us. It seemed only a few seconds before the ball of fire had passed directly in front of our location. It was just above the beach between us and the water. It seemed close enough to throw a rock and hit it. It was maybe twenty yards above and in front of us. It clearly was a ball of fire with flames moving around it’s circumference. It was orangeish red. The ball of fire did not stop and seemed to be traveling about 30 mph. When it was directly in front of us as if it were for our benefit; between us and the water over the beach it changed directions in a perfect 90 degree turn. IMPOSSIBLE; I thought. It than seem to accelerate directly out to sea away from us. It seemed that it was about five to eight seconds before it’s illumination was no longer seen.

I and the two others were astonished by what we witnessed. There was a lot of “did you see that?” as if one of us may have somehow missed something. After only a few moments of discussion the two others had changed the subject and as for me, I was still searching the sky above the ocean for answers. I then turned to them and said “How can that 90 degree turn be possible?” In the following months I continued my weekend ritual of parting at Sunset Beach. I was cautious to avoid contact with the other two. I did not want to appear a freak to other frequent party goers of Sunset. Then months later I was in conversation with a couple of other persons. The conversation was about objects that appear under water at night. The person telling the story said that the light under water appeared florescent green. That’s when another person listening interrupted and stated, “Wait to you see the balls of fire flying”. I immediately blurted out “you’ve seen them too??” My friend the person mentioning the flying ball of fire said “you spend enough time in the north shore, you will see them. My friend has spent much of his 65 years on the North Shore of Oahu. He claims to have seen them more than once.

In the time since that incredible night on the North Shore; I have replayed it in my mind. I try to think in details cautious not to add unseen details. My first focus for some time was the 90 degree directional change. I was in the US Marines and had spent a lot of time flying in Helicopters and planes. My father was in the US Air force and we live near base growing up. NEVER in the air, on land or sea can the direction change be possible whether at a stopped position or in movement as was the case that night. I finally gave up on the direction change as I could not explain it. I then moved on to who? Or What? I considered where I was and where it happened. The Island of Oahu! This is key. The Island of Oahu is likely the most protected area in the world. Sunset Beach on the North Shore of Oahu is only a few miles from the location where the Japanese came ashore back in December 7, 1941. Oahu has in the north part of the island military training sites to include restric! ted areas just behind the hill line where we stood that night. The Island has many military posts for the US Navy, Marines, Army, Air Force and Coast Guard. I come to the conclusion that it must be us, as in the United States. Just east of Sunset Beach located on a hill top is two large round globe like buildings. They say it’s a radar station. It’s in the direction the “fire ball” came. If this fire ball was alien, then would not the radar station spotted it and one of the many fighter jets stationed within miles be in pursuit? I had not seen no other object or plane in the sky that night. It must be us as in the United States.

My most recent focus of detail that night is the fire ball itself. The size seemed to be about twice that of a sports utility vehicle. The color was as mentioned an orange ish red. The shape was a perfect ball. The texture was flames in motion around the entire surface. That’s when I realized two important details. These details defied logic as much as a 90 degree directional change.

The flames the covered its entire circumference did not stretch behind the object like a tail when in motion. The flames appeared tight to the shape of the ball and moving around it almost as if the fire was within the ball seeking a way of release to the outside. I also recalled that it appear to illuminate the ocean’s surface below it as it made its way out to sea.

I also noticed that the direction of travel was near dead North out to sea. This was interesting because the Hawai’i Island chain north of Oahu continues with Kauai to the Northwest of Oahu. The next Island after being even further toward west and so on. Where was this ball of fire traveling to? The direction was an indication that its destination was not a nearby Island.

In addition I recalled that it made no sound. We were within yards if not feet of it while it was in motion and no sound. The area where the sighting took place was quite at that time of night. Finally the last incredible detail recalled to this date is that the fire ball as big as two sports utility vehicles covered in flames close enough to hit with a rock produced no heat. This detail probably would have been over looked by me if not for the fact I have been to a Nasa Shuttle launch. The location I viewed Columbia’s launch was the nearest allowed. It was on the base located in Central Florida. I was told our location at that launch was three miles from the pad. The one thing most that stands out about that day at the Shuttle launch was the heat everyone felt when so far away. I remember thinking that day that if the wind were stronger we would all be suffering from burns. Unlike the shuttle, the fire ball was silent and without heat radiating from its flames.

Thanks for reading.

((NUFORC Note: Witness indicates that the date of the sighting is approximate. PD))