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Occurred : 4/1/2010 01:00 (Entered as : 04/01/2010 1:00)
Reported: 8/30/2013 2:07:02 AM 02:07
Posted: 8/30/2013
Location: Mt. Hood (ski bowl), OR
Shape: Light
Duration:~10 minutes

I was out driving around with my friends late one night when we realized there was no where to go and we were really bored. So we decided to take a little road trip to Timothy Lake to check out the camp grounds and when we got there the entrance was blocked by snow. So we turned around and headed home.

Because it was already late and we were ready to go home and eat. when we got about 3-4 miles away from Timothy Lake we noticed that the road was more brightly lit than I should have been, and we didn't notice any street lights out there in the middle of nowhere like that.

So, I allowed down the car and looked out the windshield toward and what I saw kind of startled me. I didn't expect to see a very bright light in the sky, and it seemed to be following the car.

So I stopped, and got out of the car. kept the engine running while my friend in the passenger seat got out with me. We did there and watched the light for maybe 10 seconds and dec! ided to get back in the car and go away from this place. once back in the car I shut my door and my friend went to shit his door and when he reached for it he suddenly stopped, got back out of the car and shut the door. then....... when I looked in the back seat our other friend was outside and I couldn't remember seeing her or even hearing her get out. And I specifically remember looking at the time when we left Timothy lake, it was exactly 1am. But when I realized my friend wasnt in the back seat I looked at the time again while telling both of my friends to get back in the car abd it was 2:56am.. I honestly don't know how it happened, or if we were there longer than I thought or i could have been driving extremely slow. But exactly how I just said it, is exactly how and what happened to my knowledge. after my friends stood outside for a moment they finally got back in the car and I proceeded to drive away, when I looked up through the windshield ! again I saw the same light, so I began to drive faster to try & get away, but it seemed like it was chasin us. once I got up to 80mph the light slowly started to move higher and higher and eventually behind the mountain & . until I showed up to there respective homes and said goodbye they didn't say a single word to me about that.. And we never spoke of it since.. I don't know what to think. So here ya go. hope this helps whom ever it may concern.