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Occurred : 8/18/2013 13:45 (Entered as : 081813 13:45)
Reported: 9/1/2013 9:55:51 AM 09:55
Posted: 9/9/2013
Location: Ingleside, IL
Shape: Changing
Duration:10 minutes
A daylight glowing object that shape shifted, was very high altitude and made zipping movements

Almost clear day few small clouds but none in the general area where we saw the object.

A small bi winged yellow airplane flew over my house and we looked up at it as it was very very low. After it passed we saw a very small shiny object very high in the sky. It would not be visible for a few seconds, then visible again. At first I thought it was an airplane and the sun was reflecting off it. It didn't appear to move. I next thought well it's flying towards us or away from us and it just appears that it's not moving.

Got my astronomy binoculars out and was able to see it better. I put my elbows on the back of my boat that was in my driveway to get a steady look at it. I made sure a branch from the tree in my front yard was in the view with some leafs so I would have some kind of reference if it was moving or not. It didn't appear to move for the first ten seconds. The suddenly it dropped straight down, then straight back up to it's original position. I thought maybe I was shaking the binoculars. So I blinked my eyes for a second made sure I was steady and focus on it again through the binoculars. It was steady and I saw it move to the right super fast then back to it's original position. Then it shot down and back up again. All along I had these leafs on the branch of the tree in sight to make sure I wasn't moving my hands/arms. The leafs were steady in sight. Immediately after this quick movement I started looking with my bare eyes again and a jetliner with a contrail had just passed th! rough the same path as the object. The plane was slightly higher if not at the same altitude as the object. I got the sense they were somewhat close to each other in the same part of the sky. I thought at first wow I wonder if the wake of the plane made it shoot down like that. Thinking the wind from the plane forced it down like again maybe it’s a balloon of some sort. Then I realized that didn’t make sense because I also saw it shoot right and then back to the left again after that.

In the binoculars the object was irregular shaped oval, almost a long rectangle but rounded. The middle was sort of like a pound sign. Two lines across, two lines vertical and the space in between was blue sky. So it wasn't solid everywhere. When you looked at it, it fluctuated in blurriness like it some kind of magnetic field around it. It was very hard to see hard edges or lines. But you could still make it out. I would have thought it was some huge animal balloon like configuration if it wasn't for the rapid movements it made. Plus the size of it was huge considering how high it was. It was pretty hard to see with the huge binoculars I was using so it had to be really high up and it was close to the same size of an airplane in the same binoculars at what appears to be the same altitude.

Around 1:50pm it just disappeared. It came back a few minutes later until 1:55pm when it was just gone forever. I witness this with one of my brother in laws. I had him draw on paper what he saw and I was able to confirm it was very similar to what I saw.

So with your naked eye you could only see it when it was bright which is why I thought it was reflecting the sun on and off. But once you started looking at it through the binoculars it was always a constant brightness. Glowing white, florescent light kind of look to it.