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Occurred : 3/31/1993 00:00 (Entered as : 3-31-1993 0:00)
Reported: 9/2/2013 4:25:54 AM 04:25
Posted: 9/9/2013
Location: Norfolk (UK/England),
Shape: Triangle
3-31-1993 at approximately midnight: Large, silent , motionless black triangle just above low cloud.

Dear Sir,

Many years ago I saw an inexplicable sight whilst walking home late one night on the western outskirts of Norwich, Norfolk, England.

Taking a shortcut through a deserted industrial estate (via Morgan Way, to cross Francis Way in order to reach Richmond Road where I lived.) something made me look up, I had not been aware of any sound or movement to attract my attention.

It was a windy night with low cloud that revealed night sky only patchily. The visible stars were quite bright and the wind somewhere between north and North West. This particular area was often frequented by the Fokker Friendships of Air UK on final approach for Norwich Airport, so, I was fully aware of what such air traffic looked and sounded like.

What I saw on this occasion was quite startling; a huge black triangular shape that hung motionless and silent above me. I could not determine the actual extent of the shape as the rear end was obscured by the clouds, but it appeared to be at about the level that I judged the cloud tops to be, probably not much above 200-300 feet/

Its shape was clearly defined because it obscured the stars within its outline

At the time I recall endeavouring to make an estimate of its size but due to the obfuscation of the cloud I never saw its full extent; but my judgement of what I could see made me decide that the whole thing would have been bigger than a football pitch.

I heard no sound, that I recall, but this may have been due to the wind which was quite strong and caused a slight roar in my ears anyway.

I stood and watched the shape for some time but it showed no sign of movement and there were, certainly, no lights showing anywhere on it.

My thought at the time surmised that this had to be some new secret device that someone was trying out. I had the uncomfortable feeling that I was being watched.

What brought it back to mind was the discovery, in an item on SETI and UFOs, on a DVD of the remake of ‘The day the Earth stood still.’ that such a sight had been seen in other areas of the UK, although others reported lights on and from the object.

This was the first time I had ever heard of these sightings. (I have no TV which might explain my missing news of such events.) I searched on the internet and very quickly discovered the details including the information that this had been named the ‘Cosford Incident’.

I checked with the friends, that I had been visiting that evening, and they recalled that I had told them of my sighting but could not recall the date, which I knew had to be before March 1994 because that was when I had moved away from the Costessey area.

Having noted the date of the Cosford Incident (31 March 1993) I endeavoured to make enquiries to see if I can get a weather report for that area on the night in question to see if it matches my experience in order to determine if I saw it on the same night. I also attempted to discover what TV shows had been broadcast that same evening to determine if they were items seen at my friend’s home before my sighting. I had no success in these.

I attempted to report my experience to BM BUFORA in London having found their site on line but my letter was returned due to it no longer existing there.

Now, having discovered your address on the web, I thought it may be of interest to you.

Another little known incident, that occurred during WW2, was reported by an ex ATS radar operator to a writer which he used as a basis for a new book ‘The Fűhrer’s folly’. The sighting and resulting examination of the girl are accurately used in the, otherwise fictional, story. Obtainable from: I did attempt to send a sketch of the view I saw but it did not transfer..