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Occurred : 9/3/2013 19:57 (Entered as : 09/03/13 19:57)
Reported: 9/3/2013 8:49:00 PM 20:49
Posted: 9/9/2013
Location: Laguna Beach, CA
Shape: Light
Duration:2 minutes
Two bright orange objects move in synchrony from Pacific coastline heading inland.

UFO Sighting/Laguna Beach , California At 19:57 on Tuesday, September 2013, I looked out my second story apartment window, which faces approximately South/Southwest and is about one quarter mile inland, and somewhat parallel from the shoreline of the Pacific Ocean at Main Beach, Laguna Beach, California. The room was darkened and this observation was made from both a screened window and a pane glass window facing the same direction. I saw what I believe was the planet Venus well above the horizon, but then was immediately startled to observe two very bright, slowly moving orange-colored objects in the sky at a higher level in the sky than the stationary planet. They were about 5 times as bright as the planet and were separated by several degrees. They moved at the same relatively slow rate toward me, then above me, eventually no longer visible as the top of my window obscured them. Their intensity and rate of movement was steady. I attempted to use my cell phone camera to capture a video, but the objects would ! not appear on my screen. By the time I retrieved my better camera, the objects were no longer in my sight. I cannot imagine that others observed these objects also, as they were unusually bright and very "orange". It was very quiet this night, with no detectable breeze, and I heard absolutely no noises accompanying this sighting.