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Occurred : 8/27/2013 02:00 (Entered as : 08/27/13 02:00)
Reported: 9/4/2013 12:21:00 PM 12:21
Posted: 9/9/2013
Location: Columbia, ME
Shape: Light
Duration:30 minutes
Bright orange lights seen in sky making impossible maneuvers throughout the month of August.

Working night-shift during the Maine blueberry harvest this year, I, along with several others witnessed strange craft in the sky. The first sighting occurred early in the month of August in the town of Centerville. It was probably about 11pm. I had parked my car about 100 yards away from where our harvesters were and was walking back to grab my sweatshirt. It was a clear night and something in the sky caught my eye as I got further away from the bright lights on the tractors. It was a bright orange light (brighter than any star in the sky), and it sat lower on the horizon than anything else. I figured it must be a planet or something, maybe Mars.

After I got to my car I stood and watched it for a moment. Occasionally, it would appear as if it was blinking or rotating, flashing different colors: orange, red, and blue. It started making choppy movements, a little to the right and then back, a little up, and then back. I thought I was just seeing things so I ! headed back into the field, got in my forklift and went to pick up blueberry totes. About an hour later, I looked back in the spot where the light was (North west of the field we were working in, almost in the direction of the old Over the Horizon Back Scatter Radar site, which was 8 miles away.

The next night, the light showed up in the same exact spot it had originally been the night before, at around 9pm. It remained still. After one of the harvesters broke down, a few of us were standing around talking when I looked up and saw the light slowly moving east across the sky. I said to my boss and co-worker, "You see that light up there? That's no aircraft that I know of." I told them about the night before. They didn't seem to take it very seriously, but they couldn't explain what it was either. That night I texted one of my buddies who was irrigating in Township 25. I told him what happened and asked him if he had seen the light. He hadn't, but said he would keep his eyes open. I had no idea how close or far away the craft was. I saw it several other nights in Centerville, but it would soon fly below the treeline, out of sight.

A couple nights later we were at a field in Harrington. That night I watched it fly right overhead, towards where I had first seen it in Centerville. The next time I remember seeing it, we were on the barrens in Columbia. From the field we were harvesting, the windmills on Bull Hill, 15 miles to the northwest, were easily visible. My buddy who I had told about the light, was now irrigating in the fields right next to us. While I was on the back end of a field picking up totes one night, he texted me and said that there's a weird light over by the windmills and that it might be the one I was telling him about. Sure enough, when I got back to where his four-wheeler was, I could see that same light through the tops of the trees. It would move one way real slow, then suddenly shoot back in the other direction. Then it would shoot upwards, then back down. eventually it got below the treeline where we could no longer see it. No aircraft that I have ever known of can maneuver i! n the manner that this craft was. The night after that my buddy texted me around midnight and said, "Light's back." It was higher up in the sky this time and was moving the same way. When it seemed to get close to the windmills, it started doing something I hadn't seen it do before. The orange light faded out, then completely shut off, and was replaced by a dim red light that was blinking in unison with the windmills. My buddy and I watched the light in roughly the same spot for about a week. His girlfriend was there and saw it one night too.

On the 26th of August, around 9:30pm, we saw it over by the windmills again, but this time there seemed to be a second one with it, a little further away. After about a month of seeing this one light almost every night, it was really weird to see a second one with it. We watched them both fade out and disappear. A few hours later, around 11pm, my employer and co-worker had left to find the other field that we were moving to. There was nothing else to do, so my buddy and I sat in my truck, listened to the radio, and warmed up until they got back. Around 1:30am I saw the light to the west, at a fairly high altitude. Pretty soon the other two guys got back. They pulled up beside me and I told them that we were watching the UFO light. My employer (who was one of the guys who I had showed the light to in Centerville) said, "I gotta see this." He turned his headlights off, and I showed him where the light was. It was kind of a cloudy night, but there were a lot of b! reaks in the clouds where we could watch the light. Pretty soon, we notice there are more. Four or five more. All the same exact kind of light: bright, solid orange, but occasionally seeming to rotate and flash red, blue, and orange. They didn't seem to be flying in any sort of formation, they were just allover the place. Sometimes they would hover for a while, and then begin making really bizarre movements. They would fade out, completely disappear, and then reappear. We watched one of them slowly move right overhead of us, and then shoot back really fast in the direction from which it came. We were the only four people for miles around at this time. The blueberry harvest is over now, and I haven't seen the light since, but when we get another clear night I will definitely look for it. Seeing this light/lights is probably the strangest thing I've ever experienced. The really weird part is that I saw it so much this past month, that it became a normal occurrence to me. Nonetheless, it is extremely bizarre, and I would really like to! know wh at those craft were.

I am in the Air National Guard, 101st ARW Bangor, Maine, as well is my father who is a Senior Master Sergeant and the Wing First Sergeant. He is also a Maine Game Warden. My employer owns a farm right around here, and his father is a retired police officer. My other co-worker who witnessed the lights is in the Army National Guard, and my buddy that was irrigating plans on joining the Marines. None of us have the slightest idea of what these lights could have been.

P.S. We attempted to get the light on video several times, but it would not show up on our phone cameras.