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Occurred : 9/9/2013 00:15 (Entered as : 09/09/13 00:15)
Reported: 9/10/2013 9:42:00 AM 09:42
Posted: 9/30/2013
Location: Norfolk, VA
Shape: Unknown
Duration:Split second
Two or three lights shoot across sky over naval base!

I took my pup to go outside last night and I was admiring how I could see the sky through all the light pollution n all of sudden there was a two maybe three white lights that literally shot out of nowhere. Now I would say it's a comet or meteor but I've seen those n thier a hell of alot slower. This thing practically warped to the other side of the sky in a split sec but there was no tail no sound nothing but some lights. Also, I happen to live a stones throw away from the naval base. Like gate 4 is in my backyard. But as soon as I saw that I grabbed my dog n ran in. As for myself I adore watching the shows on tv about this stuff but I can't be seeing that in real life, way to real for me lol