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Occurred : 9/21/2013 19:30 (Entered as : 9/21/2013 19:30)
Reported: 9/22/2013 9:18:08 PM 21:18
Posted: 9/30/2013
Location: Santa Fe, NM
Shape: Cylinder
Duration:5 minutes
Santa Fe , NM UFO 9/21/2013

UFO sighted over Rancho Viejo Development, Santa Fe, NM 9/21/2013 approximately 7:30 PM. Thought it might be hot air balloon but too far to tell. Changed color, went from white to red. Took 4 phone camera pictures, 2 at zoom, 2 normal mode. Razr Maxx telephone. seen by total of at least 6 people.

The pictures show homes in the area to give an idea of where it was, photos are raw and have not been cropped or edited.