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Occurred : 7/26/2011 19:15 (Entered as : 07/26/11 19:15)
Reported: 9/22/2013 8:51:31 PM 20:51
Posted: 9/30/2013
Location: Eastern U.S. (commercial flight),
Shape: Sphere
Duration:~3 seconds
Eastern U.S.: Metal/gray sphere seen during commercial flight. [CORRECTION to 7/23/11 report]

This report represents a probable correction/clarification to a report for a sighting which was originally reported to have occurred on 7/23/11 during a Delta Airlines commercial flight.

Located notes now indicate that the sighting very possibly took place on a different Delta flight three days later (7/26/11). Of course I apologize for any confusion from the prior report and, as always, have provided my name an contact info to NUFORC just in case any further clarification may assist.

As noted in the below report, I was having difficulty locating notes I made on an airline napkin in order to help me pinpoint all the details. I have since located the item which states "Approx. 7:15pm orb travels south off right wing of plane...7/26/11." At first when I found this note (Delta napkin), I assumed I must have written the incorrect date on it because I thought the only flights on that trip's itinerary which included a northerly path were the ones on 7/23/11, when I flew from Las Vegas to Salt Lake City and from Salt Lake City to Denver (as originally reported). In addition, I assumed that my 7/26 flight was a nonstop from Denver to New York (predominantly an eastbound path, not northbound as the sighting details called for).

However, after locating the napkin, and contacting the airline again to confirm the details of my flights I learned that I did not take a nonstop flight on 7/26/11. In fact, on that day, I flew from Denver to Atlanta and from Atlanta to Denver (flight 786 which was scheduled to depart Atlanta at 5:35pm with a typical estimated flight time of 2 hours and 22 minutes, which means the likely estimated landing time was 7:57pm).

As such on Delta flight 786, on 7/26/11, when flying north from Atlanta to La Guardia, it would have been very possible for the sighting to have taken place at 7:15pm, as noted on the napkin.

Though I still cannot be 100% sure if the sighting took place on 7/23 or 7/26, I am now more confident that the sighting described below actually took place on 7/26/11.

Note that I discovered another NUFORC sighting report for 7/26/11, from a couple, who also claimed to see a UFO while flying on a different Delta flight. Perhaps just a coincidence but very intriguing.

Below is my original report text with corrections provided in brackets.

========================================================================== [EASTERN] U.S.: Metal / gray sphere seen during commercial flight On [TUESDAY, JULY 26, 2011], I traveled from [DENVER, COLORADO TO ATLANTA, GEORGIA AND FROM ATLANTA, GEORGIA TO NYC (LA GUARDIA)].

Delta flight [#1316] was scheduled to [DEPART DENVER AT 11:45AM]. Following the layover [IN ATLANTA], [DELTA] flight [#786] was scheduled to depart [ATLANTA AT 5:35 PM---A DELTA REPRESENTATIVE CONFIRMED THAT THE ESTIMATED FLIGHT TIME WOULD BE 2 HOURS AND 22 MINUTES, OR AN ARRIVAL IN NYC OF 7:57PM].

During [FLIGHT #786 FROM ATLANTA TO NEW YORK] [(ACCORDING TO the note I made on THE flight)] I looked out of the right side of the plane (I had a window seat). Traveling in the opposite direction of the plane, at an altitude a bit lower than the plane, and at a distance of approximately 120 - 250 meters away, I clearly observed a gray metal sphere.

The object had a diameter that was approximately the same as an exercise ball (or about 2.5 or 3.5 feet). I was immediately shaken /startled at how close this sphere was to the airplane.

I thought to myself that this object, and it was clearly an object, could have been a severe threat had it collided with our aircraft. I discussed it with nobody as (1) it was gone in an instant and (2) I was concerned that a report may draw alarm by the passengers or airline crew, even though the object harmlessly passed by.

I do not know if other passengers or crew saw the object. However, I did imagine that others who looked out the window would have likely seen it.

Again it was moving in the opposite direction of the plane at a trajectory that was roughly parallel to our travel path. So, it is difficult to approximate the speed of the object as both the plane and the sphere were both in motion.

There are no photos or video of this event, as I could not react quickly enough.


This [CORRECTION] is [AN UPDATE TO] my sixth UFO sighting report to NUFORC. The other five were for sightings that took place on: 1. 2/6/97 (Mesa, AZ)---Close up triangle. Original report was updated with map.

2. 4/26/09 (Brooklyn, NY)---Orb 3. 5/14/11 (Brooklyn, NY)---Lights 4. 7/10/11 (Brooklyn, NY)---Brilliant light / orb 5. 7/30/12 (Brooklyn, NY)---Orb A later (7th report) was recently filed for a sighting on 8/21/13 (Brooklyn, NY)---Light