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Occurred : 9/24/2013 18:00 (Entered as : 092413 18:00)
Reported: 9/26/2013 3:01:30 PM 15:01
Posted: 9/30/2013
Location: South Sioux City, NE
Shape: Sphere
Duration:1.5 hours
The sphere is best described as a perfect pearl.

At approximately 18:00 hrs I received a phone call from a friend and neighbor of mine, asking me if I had a telescope. I asked why and he replied that he was observing a UFO. I told him I didn't have a telescope but I did have a high powered rifle scope. He said he had been home a short while from work but his family had been observing this UFO since noon. I told him I would grab my rifle scope and take a look and call him back. I then proceeded to the front deck of my home to investigate. I located the sphere with my naked eye, then located it in my rifle scope. Upon focused and magnified acquisition of the object it was clear to me that I was observing something completely out of this world. The next 15 minutes was very intense! I needed to find a way to photograph this object. My first problem was holding the scope steady enough so I could show my wife. I brain stormed briefly,and remembered I had a laser level kit in the garage that contained a tripod. While acquiring the tripod I also grabbed some automotive grade masking tape to afix the scope to the tripod. After successfully affixing the rifle scope to the tripod I needed to elevate the front of the scope to approximately 75 degrees angle of elevation. I then grabbed a small end table from inside the house and elevated two of the legs on the tripod. This work yielded a steady picture in the scope suitable for viewing. The following steps included showing my wife and calling my neighbor back and telling him to come over to see this thing magnified. My neighbor showed up promptly and took a look. He then informed my wife and I that he had called relatives 450 miles away to the west and they too were observing this same sphere. I thought to myself, I have to try and photograph this object under magnification of this rifle scope. I figured if I could see this object clearly by positioning myself to the proper eye relief of the scope maybe I could get my iPhone to auto focu! s at the same position and yield a quality photo. This was no ! easy tas k but I pushed on and got the job done. After taking many pics, I had at least 3 in focus photos of the sphere. My best verbal description of the object is simple, it looked like a perfect pearl with the light of the sun reflecting on the left side of it. The accompanying photos should speek for themselves. The position of the object was eleven o clock, north being the 12 o' clock position. The elevation angle was approximately 75 degrees.

((NUFORC Note: The object looks to us to be a lens flare, caused by reflection in the rifle scope. However, the witness assures us that he saw the object with his naked eye. We are awaiting other reports, in particular, the report from the people who were located 450 miles from the first witness. PD))