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Occurred : 9/8/2013 16:30 (Entered as : 09/08/2013 16:30)
Reported: 9/28/2013 11:22:44 PM 23:22
Posted: 9/30/2013
Location: Limassol (Cyprus),
Shape: Sphere
Duration:5 minutes
Two white dots in the day-time sky moving eastwards seen by a father and two daughters over Limassol, Cyprus.

By nature I am a star- and sky-gazer and by profession I am a physicist (specialty: plasma physics).

That day me and my two young daughters (8 and 7.5 years old), we came to the beach near Crowne Plaza Hotel. I was laying on my back and watching the dissipation of a small part of a cloud. The sky was partly clouded. The girls were sitting near me and playing in the sand. I was gazing intensively in the sky above me. Then, all of sudden a very small bright spot of white color appeared almost above me in the blue sky near the cloud I was watching. The sun was in the western part of the sky at an elevation of approx. 55 degrees from the horizon. I could not tell the size of the object, but it was not just a point and was definitely above the clouds, in my estimation 2-3 km high. It started moving (or drifting) eastwards immediately after appearing.

It was definitely not an airplane, because normally airplanes flying here westwards from Larnaca airport are seen clear from this spot and trajectory of their take-off is at approx. 30 degrees to the trajectory of these unidentified objects. Then I thought that it may be a satellite(s), but I quickly dismissed the thought because it was a sunny day, and, surely, I could not see satellite in the sky lit blue by the bright sunrays. Nor could it be some weather-control balloon(s). And that's because the phenomenon appeared suddenly under a scrupulous eye. And, especially, because after one minute of observation… another one, same-shape object suddenly appeared out of nowhere at the same level about 10 degrees to the right (south) of the first one. And now they both were floating eastwards at the same speed.

Upon sighting of the first object I immediately called my daughters to watch it. They both saw it and were thrilled, since we were watching for a view day before the reports of UFO-sightings in the Internet. There were other people on the beach, but it seemed that nobody else saw the objects, because they were very small and moving among clouds. I think that this is sometimes the "policy" of the UFOs: to appear on a cloudy sky to use clouds as cover. Naturally, I reached for my android Samsung mobile phone and tried to film the event, but the attempt failed, because my wife took the memory stick (with her photos) out of the device. We all were so disappointed.

For a minute the two objects moved together at the same speed. Then the first one disappeared and the second one continued the flight alone for another 2-3 minutes till it disappeared behind a distant cloud in the east at approx. 50 degrees above the horizon. It seemed to me as if they were (or are) monitoring the area… in shifts.

I had a good feelings (if one forgets about the filming fiasco) and was very happy to have seen the phenomenon during daytime, because I had 3 other UFO-sightings before and all of them were at night.

Then I remembered what I understood to be my night-sighting of UFO in this area about 8-9 years ago. That was a star moving very fast eastwards in the exactly the same trajectory. The reason why I thought it was an UFO was the speed, for the object covered half of the night-sky in approx. 15 seconds, while satellites move at least 3 times slower.