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Occurred : 4/23/2009 23:24 (Entered as : 04/23/09 23:24)
Reported: 9/28/2013 9:35:22 AM 09:35
Posted: 9/30/2013
Location: Fillmore, IN
Shape: Triangle
Duration:15 seconds
trangle craft quite large no lights

This incident occurred two weeks exactly after first contact with MUFON in which an investigation into a strange circle I found in a near by field was going on, on the evening of the last time I had contact with a MUFON field investigator who had also brought the Indiana state director with him I had gone for a walk that evening.

I first need to mention here so that latter on something I'm going to say will be understood I live in a rural area of Putnam county with plenty of wild life including owls in which a few weeks prior to this incident I saw an owl that had landed in the grass on the side of the road around the corner leading out of my circle of a neighborhood.

Now to the sighting on or about the 23rd of April I went for a nightly walk to the marina on the lake where I live upon returning to my circle at about 11:15(+/-), instead of turning directly to the left to return to my home I decided I would walk around the full circle then return to my home.

Directly to the west in which was the direction I was facing and walking toward I could see that a very light cloud front was heading to the north east to my left was what I remember was a full moon where I was,was still clear I got within ten foot of the driveway of the second house in my circle and saw a shadow coming from my left it was at this point that the first thing came to my mind "I was being swooped on by an owl" or so I thought I proceeded to duck down and was looking up.

As I looked up I expected to see the wings of an owl instead I saw what I can only describe as a gigantic triangle craft moving quite fast due west in the direction I was walking towards this craft had no lights at first I thought it hadn't made any sound but reflecting on it it actually made a sound like aluminum foil being vibrated not a rattle but like aluminum vibrating from sound waves,like how they tune the front and back plates of a violin.

I could tell this craft was just slightly above the oncoming cloud front that was moving in I was so glued on it before it got to the clouds that I cant say if it was blocking out the stars I would have to assume it was this happened so fast but one thing struck me then as it does now I saw nothing out of my peripheral vision on my left side.

But that's where I saw the initial shadow come from this means something passed directly in front of the moon during this event either this craft was coming in from a south westerly direction made a sharp turn to fly right over my head just to travel due west or there were tow of these objects and I only saw one,I will say this from just looking out my front door at the clouds as high as this object was I'd say you could land about eight 747 jets on top of it and likely still have room for more that is not an over estimate! I did not make an official report through MUFON at the time of this sighting I was being called daily by the producers of a UFO related T.V. series I was out and out asked to lie of film and say that I had witnessed a UFO land in a field and create the circle I'd found I at that point lost faith in objective investigations into UFO related sightings at that point.

I've since witnessed at least 40 other events on and off since this sighting but nothing as close as this event,it was only after I had walk around my circle here that I noticed air traffic again it was almost as if it was planned to be this way as I saw no jets when this object was making its way over my head and off to the west my only question is with it being a moon lit night how did this thing go un-noticed because this was not a small object?