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Occurred : 9/28/2013 21:50 (Entered as : 09/28/13 21:50)
Reported: 9/29/2013 8:35:56 PM 20:35
Posted: 9/30/2013
Location: Sunset Park, NY
Shape: Circle
stationary white lights rotating erratically in a circular formation inside of a cloud.

I was driving in my car and came to a red light when I noticed about three white lights rotating in an erratic circular formation. At first I thought it was some kind of search light but we live in Brooklyn and there are no search lights in Brooklyn. When my boyfriend saw it he said it was probably a ufo because there were no beams of light. I thought that he was joking and I dismissed it but as we got on the highway and continued to drive for another 15 minutes we saw the same exact light rotating in the clouds with no sign of any beams.

We had already driven a significant amount of miles from where we originally saw the white lights so I began to wonder how we were still seeing them and why it seemed as if we were getting closer to it. I am a believer in extra terrestrial beings so I began to believe that it was a possibility that, that was exactly what we were witnessing.

I decided to Google my sighting to see if anything similar would pop up and I happened to read a report that was taken in 2010 in California and the witness reported the same exact sighting as me. I find it hard to believe that what I saw was anything other than a ufo sighting being that another witness reported the same exact sighting from all the way in California approximately three years ago.