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Occurred : 8/24/2013 22:00 (Entered as : 8/24/2013 22:00)
Reported: 10/5/2013 11:44:18 AM 11:44
Posted: 10/14/2013
Location: Ravenna, OH
Shape: Triangle
Duration:2.5 hours
10PM EST, Driving north on route 88 just passing SR5. I see 3 White lights hovering ahead moving south at a slow speed very low to ground watched it until i lose sight behind the tree line.

10:20pm, North at 88 and 303 merge, Triangle flies back over at high speed, followed by aircraft with flashing signal lights heading north. Broke tree line in the direction they went and both were gone from sight.

11:30pm, driving east on 305 between Champion and Cortland, I see the triangle again hovering in the cut of trees from the road.