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Occurred : 8/8/2010 22:00 (Entered as : 08-08-2010 22:00)
Reported: 10/16/2013 10:00:53 AM 10:00
Posted: 10/23/2013
Location: El Paso, TX
Shape: Light
Duration:10 minutes
Strange star-like object hovering over El Paso mountains, almost hit car and swooped down below the road (on mountain) disappearing.

I was sitting outside at night with 3 other people in my backyard. It was around 10:40PM or so, nearing 11PM. From my backyard I am able to see a view of the El Paso mountains in the distance, and am able to see Transmountain Road, which is a long road that is a shortcut to get from the northeast side of town to the west side by cutting through rather than going around the mountain. From our view you can see the headlights driving by from the cars in a certain area that drive by, but they are high up in elevation on the lower half of the mountain from the view we have.

Two of us (myself and another) were sitting in the backyard facing away from the mountain, while the other two were sitting able to view the mountains and transmountain road, and one of them noticed this faint light above the mountains, she pointed and asked what it was, it was probably a hundred feet above or so, not sure but it was high up enough to look like a star, because that's what we thought it was.

Thankfully, she didn't believe it was a star - and kept staring at it and suddenly told us it was moving, so we all turned to focus on it, it was so faint we didn't think anything of it for a couple of minutes except it was this hazy purple, it was the exact coloring if you stare at a black light, you can't really focus on it and it had this purple tone to it. We thought there might be a cloud in front, but it was a clear night, the object was hazy.

So trying to focus on it in the sky, we can begin to see this faint purple/blue light begins to slowly move, side to side, diagonally, in very unusual patterns at different speeds, and then it began to slowly fly behind the mountain, and as we watched it, for about 5 to 10 seconds it went out of sight. We thought that was all there was to it, but we stayed looking, we all kind of wished it would come back, and we got our wish...

It suddenly came back up and began to float down the mountain but it moves down in different ways, at first it went straight down and then diagonally, just erratic movements and it suddenly gets closer to the cars that are driving on transmountain, so we see this faint purple light get closer and closer to the cars and two of us are really scared that it will crash down, but the other two people with me tried to get out a really bad telescope of mine that didn't work properly - but hoping to be able to use it to see what this object is! Then it suddenly pauses in front of one of the cars, almost like the object hit the brakes and it lights up so brightly I squinted, and we all just gasped in awe and fear.

Then immediately it shot down below the road into the base of the mountain near an area that has no residential homes, it shot down from the right, then to the left and then out of sight. Being so scared we were expecting to see it come back up into the sky, maybe even fly over us but thankfully nothing. We called into the non emergency phone line in El Paso to ask if anyone had seen strange lights, and they told us no.

After that, a day later we went up to Transmountain to see if we could see anything below in the desert, and of course we found nothing unusual looking.

I've seen in the mid 90's strange objects in the sky over Ft. Bliss (military base) area which is east of where I lived, objects that would blink and shine light onto the roof of the house in front of ours (without any sound, like a helicopter light should have), but never have I seen this black light colored object, erratically flying around near where a lot of cars drive back and forth 24/7, and if it was anything government made, we wondered why it would be so close to cars, seemed dangerous. I just wonder if the drivers on Transmountain saw the object, because when it lit up so bright it seemed everyone would have been able to see it! But it seems nobody noticed it but us that night, and we stayed out for many nights after that hoping to see it again but we haven't yet.