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Sighting Report
Occurred : 11/2/2013 20:23 (Entered as : 11/2/2013 20:23)
Reported: 11/7/2013 1:17:09 AM 01:17
Posted: 11/11/2013
Location: Wasilla, AK
Shape: Disk
Duration:5 minutes
A UFO was photographed, but Men in Black came and confiscated the evidence.

This strange light in the sky was coming toward my house. It got right over the top of a particular tree in my front yard. The first photo taken was of the craft directly over the large tree, above my garden plot. The sky was black and no craft could be seen, only the energy from it. It was a circle of flaming fiery red that had a thin layer of emanating heat, bellowing around it that looked like delicate lace on the sides of the red fiery ball or flaming circle. Another photo taken showed the fiery red circle with an almost white central section with 4 white lights. It moved silently, looked to be about 4 feet in diameter and flat, then flew across the street, staying just above the trees. You could feel the energy from it hitting your face and hands. The after effects of this caused the hands to itch with the fingers turning reddish. Then the craft appeared to detected our presence and started to fly off. The craft accelerated quickly and left a trail of bright glowing blue. Much like the color of the blue gas flame on your stove, but a little darker and almost florescent. You could see the front of the blue image bending the air back, similar to photo's of projectiles like bullets going through the air. Then it accelerated at a phenomenal speed, darting out of sight. We've never seen anything move that fast before.

That night, the observer thought he had a dream that 3 guys had been in his room, at least one coming in through the wall of his bedroom. The next morning he had a horrible headache. His camera was on his table, but the camera's chip was gone. There were no photo's at all in the camera. His journal book was still there, but all the pages for Saturday night had all been torn out. Even though it gave him a headache, he tried to remember what seemed like a dream that Saturday night. He said the men were handsomely dressed in black. He drew a picture of the object they put on his head. It resembled the shape of the skull cap priest use to wear. Four little arms stretched out similar in shape to the priest's skull cap with spherical lights at the ends. On top was an attached rectangle box. The spherical lights, light up and he said could feel his body get real warm. Then as they left, the leader was last and just before he vanished, he turned his head back, smiled and said, you'll be fine!!!!!

Sunday, he had no memory of anything about Saturday and the strange craft.

All the photo's taken were gone and all the pages he wrote about the event were missing.