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Occurred : 11/29/2013 18:50 (Entered as : 11/29/2013 18:50)
Reported: 11/29/2013 4:53:50 PM 16:53
Posted: 12/2/2013
Location: Urbana, MD
Shape: Circle
Duration:6 minutes
A group of orange lights moving south in Urbana, MD along the Ijamsville Rd/Villages of Urbana area

11-29-2013 It is a Friday evening and I went upstairs to get some lotion for my hands. I then noticed I had left the blinds and curtains open in my bedroom so I went to close them. The time is 6:50PM in Frederick, Maryland, technically Urbana, but we have no post office in this area.

As I went in front of the window (of which there is a small wicker settee in front of it), I glanced outside and saw at that moment two orange lights heading to the right in the sky, which is heading south. It is not strange to see helicopters around here either for rescue or for the military, but I thought it was strange that I did not hear them.

I then opened up the window to hear the sound, but it was quiet except for my waterfall of my pond from below.

I then called my 9 year old daughter upstairs to see this strange sight. She was eating oatmeal and she came upstairs and was frightened by the site. Then I called up my husband to see these lights. I then noticed another 4 or 5 orange lights w! ere going at the same altitude, heading north to south. These lights approached from my left, from the north. I left my husband upstairs, calmed down my daughter, who went back to her Ipad, and I grabbed my Ipod to take what video I could, knowing it would not turn out great because it is an Ipod. I keep the Ipod on my body all day because I am tracking my steps with the goal of 12,000 steps a day.

I took the video, though I moved some and also attempted to zoom in. If you look at the very last shot of the video, you can see an orange light with movement, almost as if the sight of a meteor with a tail.

I would describe these as very bright lights. If I had to guess the height of the aircraft, I’d say 10-12,000 feet high at the highest. They could have even been lower. The seemed to have an alternating pattern of either one closer, one further away, or even if you picture a line graph, one would be at one exact height and the following one would be at a different height, but as they flowed through they all stayed consistent at the height in the sky where they were. They seemed to fade away as they went south. They were moving as quickly as a helicopter would, or even an airplane. They were not zooming, but keeping a steady pace but with obvious movement. I did not sense fear, but more curiosity. I did not feel the urge to run outside.

We live on the very edge of a large residential community, so possibly they were following along the edge of darkness? A country road borders our neighborhood just a street away from the direction where I saw these lights.

When I called my daughter and husband up to see them, the dog came too. The dog is afraid of helicopters, last summer a helicopter was hovering about 100 feet above our residential street trying to find a car crash that was a few miles away. The dog showed no signs of fear or unusual behavior.

I will add that I was not wearing my glasses which are used for distance. I only use them for driving, some television, and to watch live shows.