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Occurred : 12/12/2013 01:30 (Entered as : 12/12/2013 1:30)
Reported: 12/13/2013 11:57:30 PM 23:57
Posted: 12/23/2013
Location: Rio Arriba County, NM
Shape: Circle
Duration:30 minutes
Quick history: 8 Years Military Army Medical Officer to rank of Captain; Vietnam vet w/bronze star-- 4 year degree in Biology Univ of Connecticut. My UFO siteing occurred yesterday morning at 1:30 AM while just beginning of US-84 E/Hwy 84E (130 mi. from 2nd st.Exit)---a second siteing of the same craft occurred on the same highway 2 hrs.later 25 mi. from 2nd st exit(105 mi.from 1st siteing).....

Here's my story: I was driving from Reno, NV to Temple TX. (I had a 13 wk. medical Pediatric cardiac ultrasound job in Temple,TX. beginning 12/16/2013....I left Reno at around 10PM.... When I arrived at the above mentioned hwy.location..I noticed an "EXTREMELY" bright clear light about 45 degrees above the horizon flashing on and off consistently at 2 sec. intervals....Estimated distance from my location is at less than 3 miles. I had a fully charged high end camera with me which has 1080i high definition video and (40X)ZOOM capabilities in case of an accident while traveling. I took out my camera and began a 25 min video consisting of "MANY" 40X CLOSE UP ZOOM SHOTS"...What the zoom shots revealed was: 1) The object was perfectly circular and pulsing consistently on and off extremely bright clear light flash pulses of light every 2 seconds. There were random sporadic finger-like projections occurring at a rate of approximately 3 to 6 times per minute ! where streaks of light was projected equidistant from the center of the primary perfectly circular light center. These additional light features created various geometric configurations ranging from pentagonal star formations to multiple other nondescript star burst configurations....On multiple occasions smaller burst manifestations appeared to be taking up different- but proximal space simultaneously as if being in two place at the same instant....I kept zooming in @ 40X and out quite often during the 30 min. video....2) In the 40X zoom mode I was clearly able to demonstrate an additional space craft unit attached (docked to), or may have been part of the non illuminating portion of the original craft. When the bright burst of light pulsed- a secondary connection could be seen as a result of the illumination...The connection is clearly demonstrated as being connected to the craft and the connection point is identified at the location of 9 o'clock on my video pics.The shap! e of the connection is cylindrical like a waste basket. To wat! ch and o bserver the multiple finger-like highly illuminated projections from the central illumination was 4th of July spectacular visuals.....3) The pulsing spherical object with connections at 9 o'clock remained in stationary, motionless orbit during the entire filming of the 1st siteing---There were two siteings: After 25 min.of the videoing the 1st siteing...I felt I had videoed all the features possible, so I put my camera away and continued my journey...Well,105 miles down the same hwy, (25 miles before the 2nd st exit), I saw the same object in the sky only now it was on the same hwy. only 2hrs and 105 miles later...It was the same object with exactly the same manifest ions....I took a brief video documenting this later siteing. As I videoed the second siteing, the craft moved directly on an intercept course with me..where I was outside my car on the road.within a minute the craft had intersected my line of site and was now hovering in a stationary pattern! still 45 degrees above the horizon , but only less than 500 yards from my line of sight reference. It really appeared as if it were preparing to land. I held my ground and prepared for any eventuality..It remained in stationary orbit at that location, Finally, as I turned onto and away from the craft to continue my route to Temple,Tx. where I am now. I could see it moving away in my front windshield....Bottom line: I have seen seen a UFO documentary....and I believe the craft I've seen and videoed has been seen on TV before...But now I have much greater resolution pics/video of it....Currently, Have 35 min. of high magnification with 1080i pixel definition quality definition of a UFO which is for the first time irrefutable....This is the definitive link: I want to be paid $$$$ for this video. I have 30+min. video of it....I would like to sell it....Anyone interested in it?...I know any ID of the teller of this story is prohibited...but this is exceptional....The best def! initive video ever!!! !OK, I'll take an "exceptional&quot! ; chance : my contact for this video is: bidder gets the video...REAL DEAL....