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Occurred : 8/28/2010 21:15 (Entered as : 08/28/10 21:15)
Reported: 12/16/2013 10:38:13 AM 10:38
Posted: 12/23/2013
Location: Washington, IN
Shape: Formation
Duration:5 minutes
Convoy of pulsing ruby slippers

I arrived at work early that night at a municipal facility on the western side of town. Just as it was beginning to get dark I noticed some pulsing lights coming up from the direction south beyond Hawkins Creek within tree top level-(est. 600-700ft. away) from my slightly elevated position.

I was already walking westerly and a short moment later it appeared that the formation of blinking lights, UFO's(12-15) were going to be slightly west of my location. The HPS lights on the towers had just illuminated moments before and I'd only walked about 200 ft from the office building while passing under a light tower to get a better unobstructed view.

They were in a loose single file formation, some slightly higher, lower, or farther and closer. They seemed very close to me without any sounds being noticed or heard. Perspective wise they were maybe the size of a finger or thumbnail held out at arm's length.

The illumintated craft were each pulsing unsynchronized, first two beats warm red colored light near the center bottom surface of the craft, then two beats of a rose color somewhat wider spread out further, then lastly two beats of a ruby red color illuminating the furthest across the bottom surface. The light pattern would repeaton each craft again and again evenly about every 5-7 seconds to complete. It wasn't entirely dark yet and I couldn't see anything on the topside. It seemed that the larger ruby colored flashing beats best revealed the overall oval shape of the UFO.

The UFO's were more visible to see farther away when approaching, because when I thought to start counting them, they were less visible and fading out fast at the front of the formation traveling away from me towards the northwest. I thought maybe the event had ended when I turned around shortly before spotting 2-3 more of the same craft following the same flight path, spaced much farther apart, moving about the same speed, within about 20-30 seconds behind the main group. The craft were not moving very fast and seemed very low and slow, maybe about 50-80 MPH, about 60 degrees above my horizon and less than a quarter of a mile away. My location was about 500ft. above sea level.