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Sighting Report
Occurred : 1/4/2011 18:58 (Entered as : 1-4-11 18:58)
Reported: 1/1/2014 1:57:09 PM 13:57
Posted: 1/10/2014
Location: Holts Summit, MO
Shape: Disk
Duration:4 minutes
Heard it 11-25-10 Saw it 1-4-11

2011 January 4 Sighting Report On 1-4-13 at 6:58pm, I think... I know for sure, it was the night that the tv show, "V" was going to air it's new mid-season, an hour before that, the tv froze on a single picture, and I heard that same loud sound which I heard in my 11-25-10 incident report. It is a distinct, sound, coming up from the east going westward, and this time, I figured by God, if it is a UFO, at least I am going to get out there to look: (see below regarding the 11-25-10 incident...).

I opened my door so I could see through the storm door window and there, floating over my apartment building coming into view heading west, was the typical saucer shape craft. It actually had the same sort of curved shape at the ship in the tv show from the 60's Lost In Space, your typical disk. There was a black raised disk on the top, grey metallic in color, with a row of lighted squares in a ring around the craft - estimating from that, assuming these were half to three quarters the height of a man it was 3 floors, red constant lights on either side right and left, the craft did not rotate, and the bottom half looked much the same as the top but, no ring of windows, it had one white flashing beacon below in the center bottom, this light capped the bottom. I would guess its width at 75 feet - 100 at most, height was I estimate a third to half as high as it was wide. A very disc like craft, the entire sky around it seemed to glow a bluish grey light, like moonligh! t, which lit the craft quite well allowing me to see the detail of it, a grey silver lead like colored craft on a lighted background, the light surrounded and went with the craft.

The object was at the height about equal to the building next door stood on end, no more than twice that in height... Pacing it off, later in the spring, I estimated it's altitude at a little more than 250 feet, 500 feet at most, and I watched it as it passed down range until it went behind the building next door's roofline, this is a guesstimate but, perhaps 1000 feet away at the farthest when it was going out of sight. When overhead, it was maybe 30 feet away to my south east and 250 feet overhead floating westward. As I said, this craft was so loud, though I have since seen it operate in silent mode. It was almost as loud but not quite, as what I heard in the 11-25-10 incident (see below) because, I figured it was hanging, right above, or resting on, the roof, the first time. It had to be the same craft, or same type, by the sound if it, this is so loud, it sounds like the sky is tearing open when your right next to it (or in my case, I believe underneath it) t! hough that 1st time I did not see it.

This time, though I did not have a working camera with film, I grabbed a small red laser pointer I had, and pointed it at the craft. It did not react, so I began flashing it back and forth, this was when (I require glasses to drive and read signs and was not wearing them), I noticed that in what I thought at first was lighted squares, there was actually shapes in them and moving slightly, these were figures of living beings, I am fairly certain. This was when I got the impression/feeling, that it was not a good idea, like they did not like this, flashing my laser around but, I was desperate for them to see me. That was when as it went out of sight, I had the impression, given or otherwise, of course they saw me, that was why they were there, to let me, see them. I feel rather bad about this, I have since read, that they do not like camera flashes, so, I doubt they liked my laser at all.

I have since, seen this craft several times, and each time it has been either at a distance, behind the tree line to the west, or at a fair height overhead but, at no time has it come close again (each sighting was at night and it was not glowing like that, so it is harder to tell the height). I hope someday, I can apologize in person, for the laser, maybe someday they will permit me a low pass again and I can get a few pictures the next time.

Previous Hearing Report; believe same craft...

On Nov 25th, at 12:20am Thanksgiving morning of 2010, a morning when there was no snow to speak of here, in Holts Summit Missouri but there were fall leaves, on the ground... I was watching my usual Thanksgiving movie marathon, laying on the couch in front of my front window (just fyi - the windows faced west) probably starting it around 10pm, I fell asleep about 11pm more or less, awakened suddenly some hour later, by the sound of someone walking around outside my apartment in the leaves. This is not unusual but, we do have sidewalks and at that time of night, it is a bit strange, knowing each one personally, most of the people here then, were not ordinarily, walking around at that time of night and would not have been outside the windows of my unit.

Being a bit sleepy yet, I opened the drapes and looked outside. Seeing nothing, I thought perhaps, it was a squirrel, we have a number of large ones that live in the area. I was, as I said, half sleepy but, moments later, when a small white light appeared over the center sidewalk between my 4 plex building and the 4 plex next to it, at a height of about 15', it caught my attention in my peripheral vision through the sheer drapes I had up at the time. As near as I can figure, it must have been moving to this point, which is what caught my that moment it burst into the brightest white light I have ever seen, a blinding flash of light, with sparks trailing toward the ground which went out, at that exact moment of the flash, I felt, as much as saw it, like; "zzzappp" a very strange occurrence which I will not ever, forget. I jumped at that, extricating myself from the blanket I was under, moving to the front door, which was at the end of the couch by m! y head, perhaps 30 seconds had elapsed since being awakened...

I was about to open it, when I thought, wait, I have no idea who or what is out there, so, I carefully draw back the sheer curtains, look out again, and could see nothing. I reached to grab the door handle and was about to turn it to open the door and go outside, when a loud roaring sound fired up, this was immediately over my head, like it was on the center of my roof area and it honestly, was so extraordinarily loud it scared the hell out of me. It was like someone tearing the sky open!!!! Now I am a grown man, at that point in my late 40's, and do not scare easily but, this was many times the sound of the space shuttle launch on tv, so loud it vibrated in my body and I could feel it, so loud, that I immediately dropped to a crouching position thinking perhaps the nearby Nuclear Power Plant that had blown up (a flash and roaring boom, it sort of, fit), expecting to be dead in a second I remained crouched down scared half to death but, it just got louder, and louder and then, this immense sound, began to lift away from my apartment roof... This 'loud sound', did not go west, east, north, or south, it went vertical, straight upward, and continued doing so, putting distance between it and me. This was the first moment that I began to comprehend that it was something other than the nuclear power plant...

As this thing lifted away it quickly got softer, then faded completely in about 15 seconds, yes, I should have gone out and looked but, it was gone so fast, had I gone out, I doubt I would have seen anything, and I honestly, it all happened so fast, the entire event being perhaps 2minutes in length, and I was truly frightened at first. Even as the craft departed, I stood there, hand on the door knob, trying to dummon the courage to go outside, I never did. It may be easy to say "I would have gone outside to look" but, in that instant when this, loudest sound I'd ever heard, like being underneath a booster rocket of the space shuttle, was probably 20-25' from me, over the top of me, you can't think, you just react and the natural reaction is to duck down and hide...

The next morning I carefully walked the grounds but, could find nothing. I asked around that day, all the neighbors, except the little 98 year old woman next door to me, whom was napping at that time of the afternoon, and no one said they saw anything. One or two, said they had heard loud jets lately, and one woman said she heard, a low flying jet, late the night before...whether they saw anything and are unwilling to admit it, I can only guess.

It was a couple of days before I had an opportunity to speak to the little old lady next door but, when I did, she said; "Ohhh good, you heard that too", that morning after midnight, she heard an extremely loud, roaring noise, and got up, went to her door and opening it, saw "white smoke rolling at her away from the fence which boundaries the north side of the property (about 25 feet from her front door), immediately shutting her door, she returned to her bed and covered her head, terrified, she said. I told her, I did not blame her, "it scared even me, I have never heard anything so loud".

The really strange thing about this incident, well, one thing, was if this was a craft that landed or suspended over my roof, who was walking around outside my window while I slept. Had they been inside? Was I abducted, and have no memory? What exactly was that, bright white flash? Why, did I feel it? Since then, I have seen this craft, in fact they are quite regular visitors now. Are they interested in my area, in my apartment complex? In me? I have many, questions? No answers....

I have since this time, seen several craft which were, also loud like this. Maybe the same craft, many times... I know UFO's are generally silent, which is odd but, this craft or one's like it, though unseen on this occasion, returned many times, the next time, I did clearly see it (ie: above 01-04-11 sighting). I had throughout my years seen lights way up in the sky moving oddly, blinking, etc., however, nothing I could absolutely say was a craft, or a UFO, until 2011.

A friend and I were talking on our cell phones and I related this incident. Before hanging up, I happened to say, I don't know what, it was, but, I really would like to see one up close, I did only a couple weeks later, perhaps they were listening?