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Sighting Report
Occurred : 12/24/2013 00:47 (Entered as : 12/24/13 00:47)
Reported: 1/1/2014 9:34:32 PM 21:34
Posted: 1/10/2014
Location: Holts Summit, MO
Shape: Disk
Duration:2 minutes
It is back, once more, early, and dropping "drones."

2013 December 24 On 12-24-13 at 12:47am I hear that distinct loud sounding UFO again, I had repeatedly heard and seen, this time I jump up and go to the window and looking out I can see it behind the tree by the apartment building next door, traveling from west to east, following the same flight path I have seen it use quite a few times, and it is coming my way. I can only guess at its height but, 5,000 feet perhaps, I see it and from indoors, I use my Cannon Powershot 2500A Camera and try to make a video but, in the LED screen, can see nothing through the dirty windows, so I go outside, but cannot see it in the screen (I was so excited to have it coming overhead and a camera this time (I think in my excitement, I had zoomed all the way in while inside and couldn't see the craft in the small area I had zoomed in on, although this video does show something in a few frames, an expert should review). So out of frustration, I stop the video, as soon as it saved the recording, I change to still photographs...

Then looking up again, I notice the craft doing something odd, nearly overhead now, it's dropping little "stars" every one half mile to every mile, is the only way I can describe this activity. These little lights, drop away from the craft, and move in their own way, off away from ithe main craft, then seemed to vanish or go dark. Some go south, some east, some west, some even rise up equal to the main craft, before falling off their own direction (thus they were not just dropping but under control).

The little "stars", I do manage to catch some of these in 4 pictures.., Although it is not much to see, just little white specks of light... but, upon zooming in on the photograph with the camera, these look like little white boomerangs, some kind of craft, or probes, or drones, is my guess..

The main ship had the same two red constant lights on either side, white flashing light below but, though it was a disk with the curved front, maybe because it was so dark I couldn't make out the same curve to the rear, yet, for a moment almost directly overhead, it seemed to me, to be indented to the back? Like it had the backside open or retracted, and this, is where, these little stars, or boomerangs, were being launched from or departing from, Not sure, like I said, it was hard to see in the dark and that altitude.

The craft continued its normal flight path to the east, dropping these little "things" as it went in a regular pattern, it was visible from the time I first saw it fir perhaps 2 minutes.

I don't know what these little boomerang things are but, if I had to guess, I would say that they are little drones of some kind because, on New Years Eve around 11:15pm. I was opening the door to look out through my storm door because every so often I hear jets and this craft at altitude sometimes sounds like a jet until, it gets close, where it is far louder. During hearing one if these, I opened my storm door and for a split second, I swear, I saw, a boomerang shaped lightly colored object (not lighted, it was only illuminated by our dim yard lighting) some 3-4 feet across, and perhaps 8-12 inches front to back, and 1 inch or so in thickness, about 25 feet from my apartment, right in front of the apartment building across from mine but, as soon as I got the interior door open to see out, I spotted this thing and it went zipping silently up and over the roof of the building next door and out of sight, I only saw this thing, for really, maybe,, 1.5 to 2 seconds at mo! st. Clearly, it did not want, to be seen, I am certain of that...

They are watching me, I think. I hope, that this, is a, good thing. because if not, I am in deep trouble. I know, I want to meet them, and learn, everything.