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Occurred : 1/4/2014 21:00 (Entered as : 01/04/2014 21:00)
Reported: 1/4/2014 10:46:00 PM 22:46
Posted: 1/10/2014
Location: Long Beach, CA
Shape: Light
Duration:7:00 minutes
LONG BEACH, CA.. interacted with a UFO while stargazing and using a Green high output laser beam.

so i was star gazing in my back yard as i normally do and i come across a star i think is moving that may just be a. i recently purchased a green laser which emits a visible beam 5miles, like what you see in the military. i come across what i think is a satellite . so i point my laser at it and it seems to have moved away from it, i thought i was tripping or maybe had shaky hands so i position myself against my step fathers truck to get a posture while pointing and using my 2 hands instead of one.

Here comes the crazy part. As i start pointing my laser at this object i notice that it is moving and not moving in a single direction as you would see with a satellite. this thing starts moving left, right, side to side almost trying get out of my beam as i point at it, i do this for about 2 mins until i start feeling like i should tell some one but know one at my home was home and nor where any of my neighbors in their backyards .

So what do i do ? well, i thought since i am seeing this and i cant tell know one nor video tape it i get the idea to start circling the object as to attract people to looking at it instead of me pointing a laser directly on it. i want to add that this idea came because i live along side the 710 fwy and i know for a fact people can see my beam from far so i new i can maybe get some people in traffic to see it and i hopefully was successful with that cause what happen next gave me the chills up and down my spine and i still have the chills as i write this. also i want to add that this isn't the first time i seen something i cant identify, but it is the first time i ever interacted with one .

As i start circling the object it get more aggressive to moving away from the light as if knowing i am circling it and in doing so giving up its position , i continue to do so and it keeps trying get out of the circle i put it in, i then notice that when ever the beam would be in front of its direction it will quickly move away from it as if it was scared of crossing it as weird as it sounds. i know this wasn't a satellite nor a plan cause planes cant move that fast nor in the aggressive manner this object moved. I then start to notice that this object is positioning itself over my house , pretty much right over me so at this point i am pointing straight up with my neck looking straight up to the point my neck hurts . i got kinda freaked out at that point even more and start thinking about all abduction movies and thinking maybe this thing is position itself over me to know my location, i don't know but it really freaked me out . now my laser starts dying which emits a le! ss visible beam that can bee seen , at this same time i notice the object starts to also fade but still remains over what looks to me like its directly over me but just in the heavens with the stars pretty much hanging out flying around. my laser then dies and honestly i felt alone at that moment cause i was in complete darkness and it hit me that what i was seeing was real and was interacting with me and my laser beam . i stare at it for a couple mins more , noticing that its not really moving anymore but staying directly above me where it positioned itself in the heavens.

my lasers off,i am in darkness, i start getting more freaked out thinking that maybe its gonna get me , beam me up , i just start thinking of all the movies i seen with people interacting with ufo's which never end well. i wont lie i start feeling fear in me and something telling me go inside the house and recharge my laser. i do so , and decide to report for the first time an experience i have with a ufo that to me is the scariest encounter i have ever had the privilege of seeing . since a kid i have star gazed, i am 29. i have seen many weird things in the skies i cant explain to this day which i am sure allot of people have seen things many times also if they star gaze frequently thru their life . what i saw was real and i really cant explain any more into detail about it but what i explained . i haven't gone back outside my house yet and do plan to after i finish this sighting description . honestly i am kinda scared to go back out and look at the sky and or see if its s! till in the same spot but i am only because of my curiosity and faith that nothing bad will happen to me .

it looked exactly like a dim star or satellite that moves in a single continues lane that many people i am sure have seen . it didn't make any different colors it just stayed white like the stars , it moved quick, it moved away from my laser as if it were scared of it or didn't want to be seen or pointed out. i don't know what it was but know it wasn't a plane . i really wish i had someone over tonight to be my witness . i actually bought the laser because i would frequently see things through out my life in the skies, that i just wanted to finally point them out when star gazing and hopefully show other people . sadly i was alone and still am , my report is done and i hope who ever reads this maybe gets the same idea with the laser pointer and or someone saw a green beam pointing along the 710 fwy at an object moving away from my beam in the skies high above the heavens , at 9:00 pm . this is is not a hoax. hopefully some one has seen something similar or interacted with a ! ufo as i have with a high output green laser beam .