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Occurred : 12/18/2011 01:00 (Entered as : 12/18/11 01:00)
Reported: 1/7/2014 6:34:33 PM 18:34
Posted: 1/10/2014
Location: El Cajon, CA
Shape: Light
Duration:30 minutes
Bright Amber Orange Light, Multi-Colored Object, Rapid Changing Lights

On December 18th 2011 a bright amber orange light was visible in the night sky over El Cajon California. The Light was traveling from north to south very slowly. This light was like nothing I have ever seen. As it passed over head myself and witnesses could say it wasn't a plane because we would have seen flashing lights underneath the object. Upon zooming in on the light it was multi-colored, and had what looked like, rapid changing lights. The lights were orange, yellow and red, which seemed to be moving very fast in all directions and changing form. Taking a closer look at the video and slowing it down it appeared to keep making the form of a triangle. It doesn't make sense why these light which looked independent of one another made a bright amber orange light in the sky. There was no sound emitted from the object, its rate of speed remained constant from north to south and disappeared over the hills.