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Occurred : 3/15/2013 19:45 (Entered as : 03/00/13 19:45)
Reported: 1/17/2014 11:58:25 AM 11:58
Posted: 1/24/2014
Location: Panther, WV
Shape: Light
Duration:2-5 minutes
It was about dark I was cleaning out my truck, I was listening to music with the windows rolled up, I can't remember the exact date, but I saw a light I thought it was just a star, I kept looking at didn't really think much of it, and it looked like it was getting larger, so I seen a tree lem sticking out, so I blocked the light with my sight of the tree lem and see if it was moving! And yes it was moving, I also told my self it was a satiate, then it went away like some one turned off a light, so I said to my self it was a asteroid, and as soon as a was about look away, it lit back up in the same spot it disappeared in and shot to my right un realistically I ran in the house and told my wife I was freaking out, I never believed but now I'll never look at the sky the same again.