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Occurred : 2/6/2012 03:00 (Entered as : 02-06-2012 3:00)
Reported: 1/27/2014 8:34:08 PM 20:34
Posted: 1/30/2014
Location: Emmett, ID
Shape: Triangle
Duration:~30 minutes
Triangular craft hovered over Emmett, Idaho, for approximately 30 minutes ejecting orbs

In the early morning hours of 6 Feb 2012, my daughter heard her ducks start to quack and raise quite a ruckus just as the dogs down the road began to bark and horses in the pasture across the road from her house became agitated.

She went outside to see what could be causing these animals to become so disturbed. She immediately observed a large triangular craft hovering what she thought was east of Emmett, Idaho (at the time she lived approximately five miles west of Emmett). She observed the craft for about 30 minutes as it simply hovered. It gave no rotor noise or other prop or jet sound, but she heard (and had the sensation of feeling) what she described as a "humming sound"--as though considerable energy was coming off the craft.

She observed three white lights near each tip of the triangle and a red light in the center. She also observed small orbs leave the bottom of the craft and fly away. She had the presence of mind to video the craft with her cell phone, and while the video is not of the highest quality, one can certainly see she captured a strange craft.

My daughter is in her mid-thirties, the mother of two children, a housewife and a primary school teacher. She finally went back to bed; however, she told me of the event the very next day and provided me with a copy of the video. I am a retired ((rank deleted--senior official)) (Army National Guard).

I immediately contacted a particular deputy sheriff that I know and showed him the video. He indicated that this type of craft comes often to the Emmett Valley, as he has seen it several times while on duty during the "grave yard" shift. On one occasion the deputy said he called the Boise Air Traffic Control Tower to ask if they had a craft hovering over the Black Canyon Dam, east of Emmett, to which the person on the phone replied in the affirmative. The deputy asked the person if he could tell him what kind of craft it was. The deputy was told that the Tower would get back to him. As the deputy indicated, he's still waiting for the phone call.