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Occurred : 6/27/2006 23:00 (Entered as : 06/27/2006 23:00)
Reported: 1/31/2014 5:37:48 AM 05:37
Posted: 2/7/2014
Location: Little Torch Key, FL
Shape: Formation
Duration:1 minute
Watching a constellation of stars shaped like an S, 3 of the stars began to move in a triangle formation.

While watching the stars with my girlfriend we noticed a constellation niether of us have seen before. Clear as day, 7-8 stars made up a perfect S shaped constellation. Both pointing and watching the group of stars for some time in amazement that we've never seen or herd about this constellation.

After a few moments, 3 of the stars began to slowly but surely move. The three stars made a perfect triangle formation. We watched for about 30 sec in frightening awe..

I told my girlfriend to run in side and get her dad, and when she was inside all 3 stars disapered. I am calling them stars cuz that's exactly whet they looked like. Very very far away. But I've never here'd of stars that begin to move suddenly and then vanish. If any one has seen something like this before plz contact me.