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Occurred : 4/16/2013 19:45 (Entered as : 04162013 7:45)
Reported: 2/16/2014 1:23:54 AM 01:23
Posted: 2/21/2014
Location: Las Vegas, NV
Shape: Light
Duration:30 seconds
The date that i saw the two incidents not exact. I remember the first encounter taking place sometime in early spring 2013.

I was driving in my jeep around 7:45 P.M (occasion 1) and in my review (sic. Rearview)) mirror me and my girl friend saw for about 30 seconds the exact same thing as video 1. Video 1 and two are not my videos but exactly what i have seen on two occasions. Video two happened about 7 year ago in the same spot in las vegas. I was driving home around dusk and i fixed on an object and it stood still for about 7 seconds started moving and then disappeared. I will attach the two videos. The videos are "exactly what i saw".

I had a physicist look at the videos and he believes them to be hoaxes. That is a easy perspective to have from a computer. I believe these videos deserve a second look. I will attach his E-Mail as well. Just wanted to share. Thanks for the great site!

Video 1 -

Video 2 -

physicist response:

Hi, ((name deleted)),

I looked over the videos. On the short one from China I can’t help much – I don’t see anything in the images that gives me a clue as to what is happening. It does appear that the shape of the object is constant throughout the video – at least to within the resolution of the video. However, I would really like to know why the videographer called it UFO with digital FX – makes me wonder what the effects are.

On the other (lights in the Vegas night sky), I do have a few comments. First, the entire clip is being taken with a video-capable camera on a pretty solid tripod, so it isn’t a case of someone pulling out their cell phone to video what they are seeing. Another thing that seems pretty clear is that there are a bunch of objects at a higher angle above ground, and a second, smaller bunch of objects closer to the horizon. A third thing to note is that the top of the hotel at the right of the image is out of focus. There is so little difference between focusing at infinity and focusing at, say, 300 feet that if the camera is recording sharp lights, they are probably rather close to the camera, rather than at a large to very large distance.

Finally, if you look closely where the various objects fade out on the left and the right, you can trace out a cone of light in the image. You can’t see the light, but it seems pretty clear that the objects are moving in and out of a cone of l! ight such as might be produced by a flashlight pointing straight up from the ground. I don’t know just what the objects are (at first I thought clusters of balloons, but they would have to be pretty small to be consistent with the hotel being out of focus. However, I don’t have any hesitation calling this one a fake.

Hope these comments help out. I have to say that I enjoyed the lights on the China video.

Best, ((name deleted)), Ph.D.

Dodson Consultants 505-((number deleted)) ((e-mail address deleted))