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Occurred : 2/1/2014 19:15 (Entered as : Feb 1, 201 19:00)
Reported: 2/15/2014 9:43:47 PM 21:43
Posted: 2/21/2014
Location: Mesquite, NV
Shape: Sphere
Duration:3 minutes
Large white sphere on the Mesa in Mesquite Nevada

This sighting occurred on February 1, 2014, around 7:15 pm from my house in the small city of Mesquite, Nevada. My house is on a ridge that looks down into the neighborhoods below and I have a direct view of the Mesa on the west of the city. I don’t know how far away the top of the Mesa is from my house but I cannot tell if people are standing on the Mesa, they would be too small. I can see very small Joshua trees that grow on the edge of the Mesa buy they are extremely small.

On this night I walked into my bedroom, the lights were not on. I looked toward the large windows on the west end of my bedroom and noticed a narrow ring of lights surrounding a very large gray circle. It was as if something was blocking the lighted object behind the gray circle. It seemed like the object was hanging in the sky just in front of the top of the Mesa.

As I walked toward the window I thought it was the moon, but realized it was much too big to be the moon and in a position in the sky the moon is never in. Then the object began to light up. It was a very large white sphere, bigger than a hot air balloon and perfectly round. It was now hovering above the Mesa. On each side of the sphere there seemed to be spotlights shining up on the sphere. The sphere was made of a material that reflected light and made the sphere look shiny and smooth. There was also light illuminating from the bottom of the sphere down onto the mesa this lighting was not as bright as ! the spotlight type lights. There seemed to be black appendages attached to the bottom of the sphere. The bottom of the sphere was very brightly lit but I could clearly see the top of the sphere though it was not as lit up. I began to question what I was seeing in my mind. I thought maybe it was four wheelers but realized their lights would not be bright enough to light up this object or for me to see from my house. The top of the Mesa is only accessible by all terrain vehicles such as four wheelers and motorcycles. There is not a power source in this area of the Mesa to provide power to a spotlight. I could not figure out what I was seeing and as I kept watching it, the lights went out. Now I could only see the gray white sphere but it seemed to be getting smaller. It was not lit up at all only by the moon. As I watched it, I realized it was getting smaller and very fast. I ran into the living room and told my husband to get up and see this object. He did not kn! ow where I was looking or what I was looking at and couldn’t s! ee it.

Besides, by that time, the only thing left was the dome of the top of the sphere and it appeared to quickly sink into the ground with the rest of the sphere.

As this event was taking place, I looked down into the neighborhood below to see if cars were stopping to see this strange phenomenon but I didn’t see any cars traveling the roads or stopping to view this sight. I then thought perhaps the casino, Casa Blanca, had an event but there had never been any advertising about this and there was no one around to watch it. I checked the newspapers for the next few days to see if anything had been reported or if indeed the Casa had sponsored an event. There was never a word mentioned about what I had seen. I also asked many people around town and none of them had seen anything. I asked my friend whose husband works for the power company if Nellis Air Force Base had asked them to shut down any power grids for maneuvers they may be performing, but nothing like that had occurred. I also had her ask her teenage son if he knew if any of the kids had been up on the Mesa and were responsible for what I had seen. They claimed no respon! sibility. Another friend asked her Sunday school class if they knew anything about it but they said it was probably the super moon. I checked that out too and the moon was a crescent during this time not a sphere. I even looked in Las Vegas online papers to see if it had been reported there but no luck.

I am a retired teacher with a masters degree and national board certification in education. I taught school for 15 years and trained and taught student teachers at the university level. I do not drink or take drugs of any kind. I am so puzzled by this. It has been on my mind continually since it happened so I am reporting it hoping I can forget it.

I know this sounds very bizarre. I did not get a picture but I did draw what I had seen so i wouldn't forget details. i just want to know I am not going crazy!