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Sighting Report
Occurred : 6/1/1999 (Entered as : 1999)
Reported: 2/17/2014 9:57:24 AM 09:57
Posted: 2/21/2014
Location: Andover, MA
Shape: Unknown
Duration:30 seconds
1 Enormous Sized Craft at Cruising Speed, Northbound Direction, Highway 495, Andover, Ma. Area, In The Early Morning.

Great People @ National U.F.O. Reporting Center and Others, At the moment of my sighting of the Craft, I was approx. 36 years of age. My education consisted of an 8th Grade education. I was self taught and learned from highly intelligent, artistic and Spiritual People when it came to Science, Art, and Spiritual matters, and was/am very proficient in all these areas. I was/am completely drug free, (prescription and otherwise), that could have an impact on my psychological state, as well as my physical and spiritual states and the whole of me. I hadn’t consumed any alcohol for at least 6 months prior to my sighting of it and not in any great amounts. I have never been diagnosed with any mental illness which would blur/alter my perception. I was on disability for anxiety at the time, and managing it very well, and in great mental/spiritual/physical health. I’m wasn’t/am not prone to lying or exaggerating. I’ve never tried to make or have I made money as a result of my Craft sighting, and/or have I sought any attention from others about it.

As of the date of this posting I’ve related my account of my encounter with the Craft to a very select few, special People whom I’ve had the great pleasure of knowing. I did not document the exact time/date after my encounter with the Craft because I was content with having the information stay with me and with the select few, special People mentioned before. I’m being moved to share my encounter of the Craft to include The National U.F.O. Reporting Center People and you who are reading this report.

I was driving my 1987 Rose Mist colored Mercury Cougar XR7 8 cylinder while listening to the stereo on highway 495, heading in a Southbound direction in the vicinity of Andover, Ma., sometime around the year 1999. I cannot yet recall the weather conditions in detail but visibility was clear as far as my eyes could see. My vision at that period was accurate enough to the point of not needing any corrective wear such as eyeglasses, contacts, other. It was in the early morning hours and nobody else was present on the highway except for a few truckers, and I noticed a few breakdowns in the breakdown lane, (passenger cars). There seemed to me to be more breakdowns than usual by the way of the passenger cars. A Raytheon Plant was somewhere nearby, but not in my physical sight. I was driving toward my then favorite meditation/recreation spot. An immense Craft (1), charcoal to jet black was approaching in the opposite direction of my direction and I saw it coming.

The Craft was cruising directly overhead of my vehicle heading Northbound along Highway 495 at a straight forward angle, at a distance of around 50 to 100 feet. I lowered the stereo to see if I could hear any sound and I perceived/felt a very steady energy and a feeling of a decrease of gravity and a decrease in the torque of my motion as well. I asked myself if it belonged to the U.S. Government and answered myself that it probably did not. I then sighted the Craft for size/shape and it was wider than a football field for sure, but I can’t say exactly how long because it carefully blended in with the night sky. I can honestly say it was very long. The speed at which it was moving was not extremely fast at all but very steady. The only way that I can estimate the speed is to compare the speed of this craft with a car, if a car was moving in the same direction as the Craft (opposite of my direction), and I can say that it was moving less than the speed limit of the high! way at the time, (65-75 m.p.h.).

I noticed the Craft had a thick density sort of like an aircraft carriers and looked to be made of some very solid material. I don’t remember there being many lights, but there may have been a few. As it passed over my vehicle the radio went to static. I craned my neck upward, forward (windshield area) and said something in sheer awe and excitement as it passed overhead. I wasn’t afraid at all and I’m still not fearful, I was just amazed and highly energized in a calm manner. That’s the closest words that I can come up with to describe my emotion/energy for it. My encounter cannot be expressed to you in words but they are all I have for this report. I craned my neck back to my right backward, (bucket seats) to see if I could see it behind me, (the rear window on the 1987 Mercury Cougar XR7 is narrow and long), and the Craft blended out following its same course.

I felt a polarity shift and a definite charge of energy and looked around to see if anybody else was showing signs of it. All I remember seeing was people on the side of the road, (breakdown lane) on the highway. I wasn’t close enough to the people to see what their states were. I got the impression they were experiencing something different from usual whether they were aware of it or not.

I stopped at a nearby Dunkin’ Donuts just off Highway 495 South. The waitress appeared casually normal in a business as usual manner. I did not come across any other people there. I proceeded driving to my meditation spot close by, noticing very few cars on the highway. When I arrived at my spot there were a few people around and they appeared sleepy/tired and nobody was talking or moving as usual. They all appeared to be sleepy/tired and stayed in their cars to themselves. I drank my coffee and reviewed my encounter with the Craft. I felt very calm yet very energized and different with a much higher awareness and enlightenment than I had prior to my sighting of the Craft. I was then faced with who do I tell about it? I didn’t let it bother me and I went home with a feeling beyond words.

Within approx. a one month period after the encounter, I parked my same Mercury Cougar at a friends house, went in for coffee, heard sirens outside, saw swirling red lights, and my local Fire Dept. were in the Apt. Building parking lot putting a fire out that had broken out in my car. It was the electrical system for sure because in hindsight I smelled something not quite right in the car, but did not have it checked. I took the odor as possibly being from my cigarettes that I smoked and I didn’t want to a). incur expensive diagnostic expenses, b). I was wary about being forthright with information and my experience of the Craft to a car mechanic, or anyone else for that matter. I said nothing about the encounter or the correlation to the fire of the car and honestly thanked the Law. Fire Dept. for extinguishing the fire. There were a few witnesses present and there was no damage to other people’s property and/or personal injury.

I wanted to report this encounter a few times in the past but something/someone told me to wait. I’ve waited long enough and this is my encounter in total truth and honesty. I could probably remember more details if I was in the proper hands of a skilled Hypnotist. It would have to be handled honestly, truthfully, and scientifically for me to do it. The documentation would have to also be handled honestly, truthfully and proper for it’s kind. I’m skeptical yet open in pursuing it with the proper People as long as the stated criteria are met.

The facts being what they are in that; the Craft was in a position where there were not alot of People, the vicinity of Raytheon in relationship to the Craft, its’ size, speed in relation to its’ size, altitude, energy, and the number of increased car breakdowns, as well as the effects of the energy on Myself, along with the car radio going to static, the frying of the electrical system on my Mercury Cougar XR7, the very positive after effects it had on me, all make me know for sure that it was not a U.S. Government or any other earthly Government aircraft.

It would not be safe to assume that any anxiety I had prior to my sighting of the Craft was increased. As a matter of fact the anxiety I had decreased as a result of my sighting of it. The other positive effects on me are too numerous to mention in this report.

I sincerely thank the great People at The Nation U.F.O. Reporting Center for allowing me to report my encounter. I thank Peter Davenport, whom I heard speaking on Coast to Coast Radio and I perceive he is a truthful, dedicated, and great man. I’ll continue with my discretion regarding my encounter and any other encounters and thanks to all the great People who benefit from this report. We’ll be better for it for sure.