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Occurred : 2/23/2014 21:00 (Entered as : 02/23/14 21:00)
Reported: 2/23/2014 9:09:05 PM 21:09
Posted: 2/27/2014
Location: Indianapolis, IN
Shape: Unknown
Duration:~7 minutes
Two objects, one stationary, one sweeping the other

West/North West of downtown Indianapolis.

Background: 10 years as a Firefighter/paramedic. Currently the manager of Operations for a State wide Private Safety Firm (private Fire/EMS/Safety Services) for institutions and industrial facilities. Also a private investigator and aquatics homicide investigator.

Description: Two objects, one was located in the center and the second swept from the 6'oclock to the 11'oclock positions. The lightest were changing between White, amber,and red. The lights were BRIGH but we're not strobes, they did not flash, rotate, or fliIcker. They were NOT Aviation NAV lights! The lights "TRANSITIONED" smoothly between colors. This lasted for approx 7min. This was NOT along any approach path for the surrounding airports. These lights appeared to be at approx 1500 feet.

((NUFORC Note: We spoke via telephone with this witness, and we found him to be exceptionally eloquent and serious-minded. We suspect he is a very good witness. PD))