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Occurred : 6/6/2006 23:25 (Entered as : 06/06/2006 23:25)
Reported: 3/27/2014 10:34:28 PM 22:34
Posted: 4/4/2014
Location: Billings, MT
Shape: Light
Duration:35 minutes
5 lights in the sky, one dripping blue sparks, incredible flash

Peter, I heard you tonight on Ground Zero and was relieved to hear you ask for reports, whether they happened last night or 80 years ago. I had an experience in 2006 that had a major impact on my view of reality. I don’t tell many people about it, but thought that if it might aid your research that I would share it with you.

On June 6, 2006, I went out into my back yard to have a cigarette. I went outside at about 11:00 pm. Three hours earlier there had been a thunderstorm that went through the area. I am a bit of an amateur astronomer, and I truly enjoy viewing the stars at night. On this particular night, the sky had been washed clear by the storm and the western night sky was gloriously filled with stars. I remained outside to let my eyes acclimate to the darkness so I could see the stars better. The arms of the Milky Way were solidly visible. I must admit that I was a little excited.

At about 11:25 pm, I noticed movement to the south about 20 degrees off of the ecliptic. There were three white lights in the shape of a triangle, moving in concert from south to north. I smiled, amused that the sky was so clear that you could even see satellites passing overhead.

Suddenly, the thought occurred to me that satellites don’t travel in packs of three. Perhaps the International Space Station I rationalized. Satisfied with this rationalization, I continued to watch the lights steadily traverse the sky.

As the lights reached approximately the center of Corona Borealis (although they were much higher in the sky), there was a brilliant white/blue flash. The flash was elliptical in a vertical orientation. The flash was so bright that it faintly illuminated the entire neighborhood.

I did a double take, unsure of what I had just seen. I looked at the spot where the flash had occurred, and one light was continuing on the original trajectory to the north, at the! same speed as before. One light had disappeared, and the third light had reversed course and was headed south. It appeared to be (the best way I can describe it) “dripping” blue sparks and traveling in a jagging fashion.

I watched it in disbelief for about 15 seconds and then returned my gaze to the light traveling to the north. Just as I acquired its location, the light sped to the horizon, covering roughly 1/3 or the sky, in literally the blink of an eye. It disappeared beyond the horizon, out of my field of view. I quickly looked back to find the light that was traveling to the south, and it was no longer visible.

I ran into the house, excited at what I had just witnessed. I was headed to the bedroom to wake my wife, but reason got the best of me. What was I going to do, wake her out of a sound sleep to tell her that I saw lights in the sky that aren’t there anymore? Logic settled in, and I returned to the back yard.

I anxiously stared into the sky, sweeping the path that the lights had followed. Nothing… I remained outside, enjoying the stars once again. About 10 minutes later, two lights appeared, traveling along the same route as the original three. They were side by side, and seemed to zig-zag periodically.

I figured that perhaps my eyes were becoming fatigued and that it was my eye movement that gave the appearance of the sudden jerky motion. I used a 4x4 post on the deck for reference and watched them carefully. They were indeed zig-zagging periodically. There was no discernible pattern or time period that seemed to accompany the sudden jerky movement. Perhaps these were satellites or the ISS I rationalized.

They continued on at about the speed and perceived elevation of a satellite. The two lights continued, side by side, from south to north until about 10 degrees above the northern horizon. Suddenly, both white lights glowed brilliant red and zipped off in opposite dire! ctions, one headed west, and one headed east. Nothing else happened in the next hour, and I retired to bed.

I realize that this is a little late to the party and probably won’t do you much good in your quest. But I really did have to tell someone that wouldn’t judge me as some kind of whack job. It was cathartic even though it probably wasn’t of much use.