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Occurred : 9/1/2013 20:00 (Entered as : 9/1/2013 20:00)
Reported: 3/30/2014 7:32:17 AM 07:32
Posted: 4/4/2014
Location: Rowley, MA
Shape: Disk
Duration:15 minutes
Multiple UFO craft and direct encounter with Orb dispatched from larger ship.

Last Sunday night (9/1/13) - I stepped on to the back porch around 8:pm to get a breather, fresh air. Sitting there enjoying my peace, two glaring lights lit up the clouds and I thought - wow - a 747 coming in to land a Logan International Boston. (Note: I reside in the rural country side of Rowley, MA) However, the lights got brighter making random motions in the sky and were much too large to be any sort of aircraft (well a thought for the moment) but, within seconds, the entire fields in back of my apartment were lit up as though spotlights had blasted on. Also, two huge objects appeared in the sky equal distance apart and stationary. Just kind of stayed there.

Being a former military pilot, I know aircraft and I also know how the eyes can play tricks on anyone watching planes at night, helicopters, flares etc. But, these two objects eventually came to a stand-still , were huge - and stayed in place - not moving - lighting up the entire area – appearing as mother ships. (My best description for the moment) My first thought - if these are 747's - their on a parallel "approach course" to Logan and not good. Next, if they were landing lights on (2) 747's they do not rotate and flicker - they're constant. To, rarely do commercial aircraft enter a flight pattern over Rowley as directed by "air control" maintaining a certain altitude and omni/IFR heading guiding them to the airport. Last, generally the altitude is such that they’re not too low should an emergency occur for evasive landing or what we call "go around".Yet, there sat these huge objects with rotating lights underneath lighting up the entire sky with a bright white. Making matters more interesting - the entire back porch was lit up as though I was under a spotlight - focused on me. It was the weirdest thing to have happen however, I concluded these are real UFO's Not to sound foolish but, I ran in to the apartment and grabbed my camera and camcorder and tried to get as many photos as I could. The camcorder played tricks and worse yet, the two huge objects remained stationary – motionless – no noise.

The two ships stayed in position - bright lights flickering. One more object appeared (small organge Orb) and scanned the fields behind. At the same time, one of the larger ships moved across the Plantation complex lighting the area then returning to its original position massively dwarfing the house directly across the street from the senior residences. (The ship – estimated to be about the size of the complex in its entirety). It remained motionless without sound - lighting the entire area while the other (ship) remained in it’s original position.

From the back porch, one of the ships climbed approx. 1000' over the house across the street, which gave me some sort of dimension. Next, the ship shot to the sky in a split second whereas a bright orange orb dropped from the larger ship’s exit moving over the houses, spot lighting the fields, in such a erratic pattern that I was trying to keep the camcorder on it. Then, the bright orange orb dispersed about 10-12 smaller orbs which within 2-4 seconds had made a complete sweep of the area. Then all shot up rejoining the larger orange orb which remained in position.. The sky lit up a bright white, the larger orb remained behind and began to move closer to my direction on the back porch. There, it remained motionless within perhaps 20 yards of me and emitted kind of a dull, hazy white beam on my position on the porch. Meanwhile, a car approached on the adjoining road in which the orb backed off and began to chase the passing vehicle – returned and assumed it’s original positi! on in front of me. The orb itself often changed size but in addition, scanned the lower portion of the apartments below (I living on the second floor) emitting a bright white light which was almost blinding then, backed off slightly raising its position and now it became a “classic face off”. Thereafter, the orb (rather large now) moved across the street and shot directly upwards in incredible speed. I’d estimate a split second.

Fortunately - I have it on video. The camcorder picked up the huge orange orb hovering over the houses, fields etc. - at almost road level. At the same instant, the 2nd ship which had remained motionless during the duration followed a similar maneuver – shooting straight up into the sky/clouds (being a slight overcast) which allowed me to observe a distinct “hole” formed in the clouds, the clouds “rolling” – as boiling – where the ship had departed. The large orb followed – exiting the same path of the large ship.

I know this is a bit strange but, seeing these objects was amazing and profound. We hear of UFO's and there's much debate as to they're existence and being a computer guy and engineer - well – I had my doubts about much however, this is the first time that I saw something up hand which was more than incredible. You might see one I suppose and not knowing what it is - well - it becomes a UFO however - when the whole "freaking" family shows up - you have to wonder.

There are too many scientists, people of knowledge that have presented evidence but, then again you say - we haven’t caught one yet?? To that they say - yes we have. Where do you go with it and is there substance? From what I saw - I'm a believer now.

The video:

I will admit that thereafter, I did suffer some rather disturbing “physical effects” from the encounter of which can be testified for. As mentioned, the orange orb and myself had somewhat of a standoff – it being within perhaps 20-25 yards of me (as I sat on the back porch) – it scanning me with a faint white light from hip to face and remained motionless as I. (This is prior to it’s departure).

Additionally, there is much more to the story about my physical condition thereafter – most notably, my lips, gums, mouth had been burned inside my mouth. Feeling extremely nauseous for the next 3 days and faint.

((NUFORC Note: Witness elects to remain totally anonymous; provides no contact information. PD))